Check your aptitude

     This link help the young army aspirants of India to check their aptitude level as an officer and their reasoning ability.  This is the developed by the D.I.P.R. - Defense Institute of Psychological Research.  The aptitude part is conducted at Service Selection Board to check the IQ - Intelligent Quotient of an individual.  The intelligence, analytical capability of an individual differs.  So they are checking this.  The expect this level should be in some range.
Also, this type of intelligence part is carried out through out the word and also in defense officer selection in various super power nations.  For example, OFSB - Officer Selection Board conducts the same type of intelligence assessments at England.  If we see in common, the young graduates of our country students got a very good analytical level.

So the future officers please check your aptitude as an officer by click this link below


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