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Self Description

Example for Self Description:-

Self Opinion:-      I am optimistic, candid, responsible boy.  I want to do my things successfully.  I am confident with my thinking and analysis that i can able to convince my surroundings with my points.  I used to do exercise regularly to keep myself fit.  The game now iam playing is table tennis.  My hobbies are blogging.  I want to satisfy my surrounding people upto my extent and want to keep them happy.      Things i want to improve is ,  i want to develop my technical skills, also iam working on that now by putting extra time.
Friends Opinion:-       My friends say me as practical person as i put forward my points as outspoken.  They feel happy and secured when iam with them, since i can able to handle situations easily.  They like my helping tendancy in education and all.
Teachers Opinion:-      My teacher say me as an above average student in studies and good at obedience.  Also they like my participating attitude in extra curricular activities.  They …

How to write stories for Thematic Appreciation Test?

These are the TAT examples.  These are my own stories, just take it as the reference friends.

     Raj was the newly graduated engineer.  By his hardwork he got job in a company.  He was good in his work by finishing the tasks before the end date.  One day a big task was assigned to his team and the time limit to finish that task was minimum.  So he motivated his team members to do well and to finish the task in time.  At that time one of his team mates got ill and was in leave.  So raj took in charge and managed to finish both of their works.  With his efforts the team finished the work in time and retained their good name.

     Kumar was the final year engineering graduate.  Along with his studies, he was interested in extracurriculars.  Be cause of this he was the placement coordinator for his department.  Since it was the last semester, principal asked to kumar about placem…

Word Association Test Examples

These are some of the WAT example, I solved these words with my knowledge and the way of approach may differ from person to person.  Just refer this for the example purpose only.

ATOM- Group of molecules SOCIETY- Our society consists of rich set of good customs. DUTY- Army people are duty conscious. HELP- Help the needy people. CHARACTER-The character of a person is accessed by psychological assessment. FLOWER- The flowers are used to prepare medicines. IMPOSSIBLE- Proper planning of work makes it impossible to possible LIFE- Life is full of duty. FEAR- Army don’t know the meaning of fear UNDERSTAND- There is good Understanding between bharat and Russia HEART- The heart specialist doctors are called cardiologist. FIT- The army soldiers are trained well for their fitness. GOOD- The inflation in nations economy is good. PLAYGROUND- The playground builds us stamina and improves concentration. LEADER- Mahatma Gandhai is the leader of non violence. TIME- The times square is in New York. RESPONSIBILITY- E…

SSB Medical Test

Army medical test in India
The candidate recommended by the service selection board will undergo a medical examination by the board of service medical officers.  Women candidates will undergo a medical check by a board consists of male/female doctors/gynaeocologist and medical specialists.  There will be a lady medical officer as the member of the board.  The proceedings of the medical board are confidential and will not be divulged to any one.   However the candidates declared unfit by the Special Medical Board (SMB) will be intimated by the president of the medical board.  The procedure for request of the Appeal Medical Board will also be requested and intimated to the candidate.  Unfit candidates should report to the Appeal Medical Board (AMB) within a maximum period of 42 days.  Candidates are advised to appear in the AMB well in time and should not wait for the last day given by the SMB.  Candidate are advised to  note that the Recruiting Directorate has no role to play in the Ap…