Self Description

Example for Self Description:-

Self Opinion:-
     I am optimistic, candid, responsible boy.  I want to do my things successfully.  I am confident with my thinking and analysis that i can able to convince my surroundings with my points.  I used to do exercise regularly to keep myself fit.  The game now iam playing is table tennis.  My hobbies are blogging.  I want to satisfy my surrounding people upto my extent and want to keep them happy.
     Things i want to improve is ,  i want to develop my technical skills, also iam working on that now by putting extra time.

Friends Opinion:-
      My friends say me as practical person as i put forward my points as outspoken.  They feel happy and secured when iam with them, since i can able to handle situations easily.  They like my helping tendancy in education and all.

 Teachers Opinion:-
     My teacher say me as an above average student in studies and good at obedience.  Also they like my participating attitude in extra curricular activities.  They say that iam good at mathematics and lovable person at class as i have lot of friends.

 Parents Opinion:-
     My parents say me as responsible boy as i support my family after degree by going to job and also they have a lot of affection over me for giving them a good name in the society.  They have belief over me that i wiill achive my aim to become a officer in armed forces, and they are giving full support for me to achieve that.

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