Word Association Test Examples

These are some of the WAT example, I solved these words with my knowledge and the way of approach may differ from person to person.  Just refer this for the example purpose only.

ATOM- Group of molecules
SOCIETY- Our society consists of rich set of good customs.
DUTY- Army people are duty conscious.
HELP- Help the needy people.
CHARACTER-The character of a person is accessed by psychological assessment.
FLOWER- The flowers are used to prepare medicines.
IMPOSSIBLE- Proper planning of work makes it impossible to possible
LIFE- Life is full of duty.
FEAR- Army don’t know the meaning of fear
UNDERSTAND- There is good Understanding between bharat and Russia
HEART- The heart specialist doctors are called cardiologist.
FIT- The army soldiers are trained well for their fitness.
GOOD- The inflation in nations economy is good.
PLAYGROUND- The playground builds us stamina and improves concentration.
LEADER- Mahatma Gandhai is the leader of non violence.
TIME- The times square is in New York.
RESPONSIBILITY- Every citizen feels the social responsibility.
BOOK- The books gives us theoretical knowledge.
SWORD- The Army flag consists of two crossed swords.
MOUNTAIN- The Himalays is the highest mountain peak.
LEAF- The Leaf are processed and preserved for botanical specimen.
WINE- The wines are made up of grapes used to cure minor ailments.
LOVE- People love their country.
WILL- The will power can change the destiny.
INTERVIEW- Interview is the process of evaluating the candidates.
MOTHER- Mother teaches us the way to lead the life successful.
CHILD- The childrens day is celebrate on November 14
INFLUENCE- The human brain influence the whole body.
TRAVEL- The Aerplanes reduce the traveling time.
DIFFICULTY- The opposite teams feel difficulty while playin with team
PROBLEMS- The problems should be analysed with multiple situations.
SAVE- The saving of rain water increases the ground water level.
CLIMB- The Trekkers Climb high  to achieve their goal..
IMPOSSIBLE- Proper practice makes the impossible to possible.
MEET- Every year the SAARC meet is held in south asean countries.
FIGHT- The sukhoi is one of the fastest fighter aircraft.
ALONE- The Chandrayan project is done by bharat alone.
JOURNEY- The journey of subash chandrabose towareds independene is inspiration.
SYSTEM- The Educational system in our country is used by all the parts of people in nation.
RESPECT- The people salute the national flag as a way of giving respect to the nation.
SECURE- Our Army makes to feel the people of our country more secure.
SICK- Help the sick.
HAPPY-The nation celebrated the 64 Independece day happily.
UNDERSTANDING- A proper understanding was setup in peace talks with Pakistan.
NATURE- countrywith fully endowed with various natural resources.
SYMPATHY- Sympathy pays nothing.
POOR- Help the poor
WORK- The work of NSG commandos in taj hotel is appreciatable.
COURAGE- The courage with determination leads to achievement.
ACTION-Due to better action of the government there is good inflation in economy rate.
ACHIEVE- The Hardwork with confidenc leads to achievement.
TRUST- Trust the self.
LEAD- The infanty leads first in war..
FAIL- Proper planning avoids the failure
OBTAIN- The Arjun tanks are obtained by own work of nationals.
ATTACK- The scientist researched the anti missile attacking technology.
ENJOY- Enjoy the every moment of life.
THINK- Think before work.
IDEA- The Idea of zero in mathematics is used by our people.
CANNOT- The bharat soil cannot leave a single place for terrorism.
INNOVATION- The Project of chandrayaan-ii  is an innovative one.
CONTINUOUS- The peace talks by nirupama rao with Pakistan is continuous .
NEGLECT- Neglect the sympathy.
HOBBY-The hobby of sarojini naidu is writing poets.
LEISURE- The leisure time is spend in hobbies.
BEAT- The music differes  with various beats.
STRUGGLE- The Freedom struggle of people made history in various text books.
TIRED- The achievers get tired at their winning moment .
SOLVE- Solve the problems with multiple solutions.
STEP- The step up transformer Is used to boost the power supply.
RISK- The solders risk their life for the nation.
PROTECT- The vitamin C protects us from cold.
ACCEPT- Accept the pain for success.
USE- Use of ideas at time saves efforts.
SERIOUS- The serious book readers read the chain of books from same author.
REGULAR- CDSE is one of the way for regular entry in army
HELP- Help the poor
MACHINE- Machine reduces the effort of man.
CAREFUL- Medicines should be taken careful at time
AFRAID- Proper planning and executable people , no need of afraid of anything
INTEREST-The persons involve in more interest in hobbies in free time.
DEVELOP- Country is one of the fastest developing country.
KNOWLEDGE- Knowledge is power
ADVENTURE- The army offers varius adventure sportos to cadets
DEFENCE- The defence system are one of the finest in the world.
CHARACTER- Characater reveals our personality
TRUE- The peopleare true with their harmony
DISCIPLINE- Discipline makes us success at right time.
HATE- Achievers hate leisure time.
STUDY- Study the task before execution.
CONFIDENCE- The mixture of confidence and determination is called victory.
DISLIKE- Bharats dislike cross border terrorism.
HEALTH- Proper exercise maintains good healt..
WEALTH- The National integration is the wealth of nation
MONEY- Money means economy
BLOOD- Donate the blood for the needy people.
GARDEN- The garden beautifies the  house and envirionment.
HONESTY- The Mahatma Gandhi is an example of honesty.
DEATH- Drugs like anti retro viral drugs post pones death due to AIDS
APPEAL- Lawyers appeal in court
LOYALTY- Loyalty to the country.
GOD- God gives self confidence.
BRAVE- Param Vir Chakra is given for bravery.
ASK- Ask the doubt
COMPLEX- complex situations makes us to think well with multiple solutions.
FORTUNE- the companies are rated in fortune.
WAR- People are experienced well In war field.
FEAR- Good planning neglects fear
FAILURE- Achievers never worry about theie failures
YOUNG-ABDUl kalam has said that young people are the pillairs of nation.
BAD- Every bad situation gives us a experience for good ending;.
MISTAKE- Mistakes makes to be amaster of tat subject.
MERRY- Merry Christmas are celebrated by all the people with harmony
PLAY- The play of games makes us to stay fit.
HOPE- We have full hope on our army
FOOTALL- spain is the world champion of football.
GIRL- Our girl saina nehwal won the Malaysian open title.
LIGHT-The light energy is onverted to electrical energy in solar cell.
FIELD- The hockey field is made up of artificial rubber in modern days
COWARD- Protect the coward people.
DECIDE- The decision of our government is always peace
SMOKE- The smoke is used in engines to move pistons
DRINK- Drinking water increses glucose in blood
LOVELY- The beauty of Kashmir is lovel
STOP- Stop the bribe
SPEAK- Speak the thoughts boldly
SPACESHIPS- ISRO is dong research in spaceships
PATRIOT – Patriot missiles are used by americal army in iraq war
CINEMA-The titanic cinema got 11 oscars
DREAM- Dr. Abdul kalam said to youth to  draem high
COMPANY-Good company of friends makes us happy
ABSOLUTE- Planning and good execution of hard work give absolute result
RELIGION- We are separate by religion and united by nation
KILL- Killer disease are cured by modern medicines.
DIFFER- There are different regiments in our country army.

Friends just show your knowledge and write all the sentences positively, dont show negative things, fear etc.



  2. thans for marvellous example, sir

  3. nice collections
    from where did u got these?

  4. dude u respond to chandra via some other pic!! :P

  5. Machine- brings perfection in work
    Careful- while working on cruicial project
    Afraid- of God will help us to choose right path
    Interest- will make life enjoyable
    Develop,- good qualities within u
    Knowledge- can be achieved by reading good books
    Adventure,- trekking is an adventurous exercise
    Defense,- job is replete with courageous people
    Character, - is decided by our own deeds
    True,- truthfulness is required in an army man
    Discipline,- is one of the main feature of army
    Hate,- The qualities which are bad within you and improve them
    Study,- will increase knowledge and understanding
    Confidence, - is brought about by Knowledge and experience
    Dislike, - like thegood qualities of others
    Health, - will increase our stamina
    Wealth,- Proper weath management system is required for the proper flow of money to develop the country
    Money, - will improve the economic condition of the country
    Blood, - donation is a noble job
    Garden, - gives us nutritious vegetables
    Honesty,- is a main virtue of an army man
    Death,- is followed by a new life
    Appeal, - Women officers are an appeal of the Indian aArmy
    Loyalty,- towards country is required in an army person
    God, - shows us true path
    Brave,- brave people are the honour of the indian army
    Ask,- asking will help us to remove confusion
    Complex, - structure is more stable
    Fortune,- is bring about by our own deeds
    War,- Peace can abort the war
    Fear, - of God will take us in the right path
    Failure, - is the next step towards the success
    Young, - brain is more sharper
    Bad,- Qualities are to be eliminated to be a good officer
    Mistake,- helps us in learning the things better
    Merry. – Success will fill life with merriness.

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  9. nice work Niharika..

  10. So nice..... every word is positive and it shows ur knowledge.. Perfect example for WAT. Awesome

  11. ATOM- Atom is the building block of life
    SOCIETY-.We should obey the rules of society
    DUTY-. We must perform our duty with honesty
    HELP-. We should help others
    CHARACTER-. One should build a strong character
    FLOWER- be always fresh like a flower
    IMPOSSIBLE- give your best to make impossible, possible
    LIFE-. Life is full of challenges, face them boldly
    FEAR- never have fear while doing good things.
    UNDERSTAND- understand the task completely before executing
    HEART-. Purity of heart makes a good character
    FIT- keep yourself fit by exercising daily
    GOOD- always be in good books of others
    PLAYGROUND-. Cooperate with the team in the playground
    LEADER- leaders are disciplined
    TIME- utilize the time in learning the good things
    RESPONSIBILITY-. Fulfill the responsibilities rendered with complete devotion
    BOOK- learn from every book that you read
    SWORD-. Sword id the symbol of pride
    MOUNTAIN-. Mountains add beauty to the landscapes
    LEAF-. Leaves are used for serving food
    WINE-. Wine is good for health
    LOVE- mother’s love is the best love
    WILL- only with the strong one can achieve success
    INTERVIEW-. It’s a process of understanding the nature of candidate
    MOTHER-. My mother is the best cook
    CHILD- child is always a child for mother
    INFLUENCE- influence people in right manner
    TRAVEL- traveling places is adventurous
    DIFFICULTY- face the difficulties with smile
    PROBLEMS-. Never overlook a problem, solve it
    SAVE- save the resources for future use
    CLIMB- you can climb the ladder of success by hard work
    MEET-. Be open to meet new people and make friends
    FIGHT- try to resolve the fights between people
    ALONE- never be alone, mingle with people around
    JOURNEY-. Journeys give you opportunities to explore places
    SYSTEM- be systematic in your approach for any task assigned
    RESPECT- one can get respect only if he respects others
    SECURE- make people fell secure in your presence
    SICK- don’t get sick of doing the same task daily
    HAPPY- liveliness spreads happiness
    NATURE- person with good nature is accepted by all
    SYMPATHY- empathize never sympathize

  12. POOR- steps must be taken to curb poverty
    WORK-. One must be a hard and a smart worker
    COURAGE-. Have courage to face your deeds
    ACTION-. Do good actions and you will be admired
    ACHIEVE- to achieve result, one must be determined
    TRUST-. Trust yourself, you can do anything
    LEAD- you can be a good leader only if you are a good follower
    FAIL- failure must be taken as a learning
    OBTAIN-. To obtain better marks, one needs to study harder
    ATTACK- never attack on the food as though you haven’t eaten for years
    ENJOY- enjoy every phase of life.
    THINK- think positive, be healthy
    IDEA-. A good idea can bring revolution
    CANNOT- there is nothing that one can not do
    INNOVATION-. Science has made lot of innovations in this decade
    CONTINUOUS-. Continuous efforts bears fruits of success
    NEGLECT- never neglect your duties
    HOBBY- your hobby must be a value addition for u
    LEISURE-. Never waste your leisure time, learn something
    BEAT-. Beat the failure with success
    STRUGGLE-. Struggle for right deeds
    TIRED-. Body can be tired but mind cannot
    SOLVE-. Solve the problems with ease
    STEP-. Every step must be taken carefully
    RISK- never risk others for your sake
    PROTECT-. Protect your nation from evils
    ACCEPT-. Accept your mistakes
    USE- make best use of resources
    SERIOUS-. Take the duties assigned seriously
    REGULAR- regular meditation rejuvenates your body
    HELP- be open to help others
    MACHINE-. Never be completely dependent on machines.
    CAREFUL- be careful while making decisions
    AFRAID- never be afraid of anything
    INTEREST- keep up your interest in whatever you do
    DEVELOP-. Develop a taste to learn new things
    KNOWLEDGE- knowledge can applied anywhere
    ADVENTURE- Para jumping is most adventurous
    DEFENCE-. Its once pride to join defense services
    TRUE- be true to yourself
    DISCIPLINE-. Discipline is a way of life
    HATE- never hate anybody, all are good
    STUDY- I have studies in KV
    CONFIDENCE- be confident, not over confident
    DISLIKE- dislike bad things
    HEALTH- good health can be achieved by healthy food and exercise
    WEALTH- knowledge is the greatest wealth
    MONEY- money cannot buy everything

    1. Health- Healthy life
      Hate- Love removes hate ism
      Help- Help other
      Knowledge is power
      protect- Mother protect her child
      Step- His first step in the right direction.
      Risk- Soldier risk their life to protect us.
      cannot- Enemy cannot threaten us.
      Neglect- neglect bad habits
      Attack- Well planed attack.
      innovation- Innovative idea

  13. May I please request for feedback...

    1. Thank you, Nidhi ji :)

    2. dont use advisable word ...like must,should ,could, can etc...overall better..

  14. @Nidhi,
    Avoid the use of words such as "should","must"etc.

    For example, you wrote for POOR as = Steps must be taken to curb the poverty.
    Instead write as, help the poor like that.......
    All the best nidhi.........

  15. Thank u so much for the feedback Vignesh, I have some more queries.Can u plz help me with our email address so that I can mail u the queries. My mail ID is nidhi.p001@gmail.com.


  16. its really very good......
    bt the sentences should be small coz for SSB we get only 15 second to thing and to write

  17. boss 1st sentence is wrong
    aom is not a group of molecules

  18. ok boss thank you, but i cant able to correct those, since its WAT, first response of myself. So let it be the same :)

  19. yar Niidhi make a meaningful sentence means we are not here to know its meaning. we knw it.but thngs like for-USE -BRAVES MAKES BEST USE OF OPPERTUNITY.AND FOR MONEY-MONEY IS SPENT AS PER NEED, SHOWS ONE OF UR GOOD QUALITY.

  20. grt work vignesh ...thnx a lot...@chandra

  21. death= martyr of soldier inspires the young generation

  22. it is good for practice

  23. pls give few sentences for
    ignorance,influence, interest,captain,jealous,hide,meet, model,monitor,muscle,noise,part,odd,picnic,popular,pls do needful request

  24. molecule is a group of atoms

  25. atom-consists of electrons,protons and neutrons,society-our society consists of people of different states and culture,duty-a soldier's duty is to protect his motherland,help-god helps those who help themselves,character- is more important than appearance,flower-the gulmohur tree has beautiful flowers,impossible-nthing is impossible if we work hard and have self confidence,life-is full of ups and downs,fear-is the quality of a weak person

  26. understand-the situation and then take action,heart-consists of four valves,fit-regular exercise is the key to stay fit,good-the goods train is about to arrive at 6 pm....sir,plz tell me the improvements required

  27. great work sir. Sir i am going for ssb 22 july this will be my sixth attempt and i want to make it last plz give me some tips for military planning. irfan@vignesh sir

  28. great work by all the contributors viz vignesh,niharika, nidhi, Shivani thanx a lot guys.
    but one should keep in mind that WAT is a test of your personality and not a grammar test, so avoid giving meanings of the words.
    And it shall represent qualities like Energy,Enthusiasm,Self Confidence, Maturity..etc...
    And shall not show lack of enthusiasm & self confidence, Pessism..etc..
    Following categories of words are there in WAT
    1. Assosiates.
    like mother,father,sister,senior,boss,stranger to find you attitude towards them.
    2. Struggle for life.
    It may have words like Success, Problem, Difficult,Complex..Etc.
    to see what all difficulties you have faced in life and what experience you have gained from them in your life.
    3. Morality.
    Words like Honesty, Lie, Steal, Thief etc. to check you moral values.
    4. Assosiated with armed forces.
    Words like Gun, Army, Soldier, Officer etc.. DON'T associate other words with armed forces to show your Army bent for ex. "GARDEN - Soilder like gardening." This way you are hiding your real personality and it does not please the assessor.
    5. Supersitious.
    Words like God, Luck, Fortune...etc...to check your are a person of superstitious nature or not..I'll advice you to snub all words in this category except god and show your firm belief in him.
    6. Belief in Supernatural.
    Words like Fairies,Ghost, Magic, Illusion.....etc..I'll suggest you to not to show your belief in any of them.
    7. Emotions.
    Words like enjoy, cry, Sympathy, Sad, Happy, Sorrow...etc...
    8. Sex.
    Words like kiss, sex, love etc....don't leave any word in this category and write appropriate sentences not changing the meaning.
    For expamle :- KISS - "Victory KISSES the feet of the brave" will be a wrong sentence as this does not reveal your true personality..
    write " My mother KISSED me on my forehead before departure."


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