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Flat Foot in Army

Flat Foot in Military:-

     The Medical board check the candidates for their foot condition.  They check whether the foot is flat or normal foot, or it has any deformality that which can be unmasked in future.  So have a knowledge about this test before going to the selection process.

People having space between their feet and ground (arch space) is called as normal feet.

     People having no space or very less space comparatively between their feet and ground (arch space) is called Flat Foot

     Flat Foot is common in children because of baby fat.  But after certain age of growth, it reduces and foot looks normal.  Flat food is a big issue in Army or Military medical check ups, since flat foot persons cant able to run fastl or else they cant able to climb up the mountain.(Trekking).  So it is a rejection in medical boards.

     A recent study states that nearly 20% of the population are having flat foot, it may also due to hereditary causes.

Treatment for Flat Foot:-

     Some yoga…

Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise Speed / Distance Test

Friends in the Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise the speed and distance travelled is very important.  Since the GTO expects the candidate to be accurate in their decisions and commands.  So it is very much necessary to get idea about this.

First i will tell you about this process clearly,

It is a set of problems or any critical situations in which the candidate has to put himself and engage his team to cross those situations and find solutions for these problems in a stipulated time.  In such scenarios, we may have to cross certain distances in some time or using vehicles which is travelling in some speed.  So we should be thorough with our mind calculations and scaling.(i.e. kilometer, miles, meter, centimeter etc.)


1.6 kilometers = 1 mile

10 millimeter = 1 centimeter
10 centimeter = 1 decimeter
10 decimeter = 1 meter = 100 cms
10 meter = 1 decameter
10 decimeter = 1 hectometer
10 hectometer = 1 kilometer = 1000 …

Telephonic Interview Tips

Telephonic Interview Preparation
Telephonic Interview:-

     The telephone interview is a type of oral communication process in telephone, usually carried out for the experienced professionals.  Since, the corporate companies keep this telephonic interview  as the screening level or eliminating level before allowing them for face to face interview.

Aim at Telephonic Interview:-

     The aim of the recruiter during telephonic interview is nothing but they check to the applied candidates whether the information given by them in resume is correct or not.  Along with this they check whether the communication level, enthasiasm are good enough for the candidates.

Who will call from the company for Telephonic Interview?

     Usually the persons in position of HR Manager or Human Resource Manager , Associate HR Manager or Associate Human Resource Manager calls to the candidates.  They are usually called as Callers.

Who will attend the Telephonic Interview?

     The candidates or professinals who …

Things to note in Group task

Things to note in Group Tasks:-
Whether you are getting ideas to solve those tasks.Whether you can able to explain your ideas to the whole group in good communication of English without stammering.Whether you are getting multiple solutions for a particular problem.Whether you are using technical approach to solve those obstacles.   Friends, the very  basic thing in Group task is that we should not violate the rules, but due to urgency we may violate the rule.  So be conscious in your moves in group tasks.  
NOTE:-  Another important skill to be a leader is , you should capable of analyse your team members.  This skill is important so that you can able to allocate works to your group members.  (This act should not be dominating).

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Body language for Interview

Interview Body Language.

     Hi friends, In this post i would like to share about Body language techniques for an selection.  Your body language says 93% about  you to the official rather than what you are saying from  your mouth. The Body Language technique is a subject in the Defense, Criminal Investigations, Master of Business and Administration (M.B.A) and in various recruiting private agencies.  Ok let we come to the selection process  of body language.

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In a process, I divide the sessions as seven, they are
Waiting for Our Turn.Walking inside the room. (Entering)Hand Shake.Choosing and Sitting in the chair.Body gestures during conversation with the officials.Eye movementsLeaving the room. First let we see one by one in detail,

1) Waiting for our turn:-

     In most of the process, they company or organization persons m…