Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise Speed / Distance Test

Friends in the Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise the speed and distance travelled is very important.  Since the GTO expects the candidate to be accurate in their decisions and commands.  So it is very much necessary to get idea about this.

First i will tell you about this process clearly,

It is a set of problems or any critical situations in which the candidate has to put himself and engage his team to cross those situations and find solutions for these problems in a stipulated time.  In such scenarios, we may have to cross certain distances in some time or using vehicles which is travelling in some speed.  So we should be thorough with our mind calculations and scaling.(i.e. kilometer, miles, meter, centimeter etc.)


1.6 kilometers = 1 mile

10 millimeter = 1 centimeter
10 centimeter = 1 decimeter
10 decimeter = 1 meter = 100 cms
10 meter = 1 decameter
10 decimeter = 1 hectometer
10 hectometer = 1 kilometer = 1000 meters


  1. Hi vignesh..your blog is realy very helpful for SSB appearants.
    Here is a mistake.
    10 meter is 100 decimeter but here it is 1 decimeter. Please correct it.

  2. 10 meter = 10 decameter not decimeter please correct that good posts thanks...

  3. 10 meter = 1 decameter not decimeter please correct that good posts thanks..


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