Things to note in Group task

Things to note in Group Tasks:-
  • Whether you are getting ideas to solve those tasks.
  • Whether you can able to explain your ideas to the whole group in good communication of English without stammering.
  • Whether you are getting multiple solutions for a particular problem.
  • Whether you are using technical approach to solve those obstacles.  
Friends, the very  basic thing in Group task is that we should not violate the rules, but due to urgency we may violate the rule.  So be conscious in your moves in group tasks.  

NOTE:-  Another important skill to be a leader is , you should capable of analyse your team members.  This skill is important so that you can able to allocate works to your group members.  (This act should not be dominating).

For full group task details and techniques CLICK HERE.  This link contains group discussion techniques, topics, command task, individual lecture, snake race, military planning exercise, progressive group task, half group task, final group task, individual obstacle techniques.


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