Telephonic Interview Tips

Telephonic Interview Preparation

Telephonic Interview:-

     The telephone interview is a type of oral communication process in telephone, usually carried out for the experienced professionals.  Since, the corporate companies keep this telephonic interview  as the screening level or eliminating level before allowing them for face to face interview.

Aim at Telephonic Interview:-

     The aim of the recruiter during telephonic interview is nothing but they check to the applied candidates whether the information given by them in resume is correct or not.  Along with this they check whether the communication level, enthasiasm are good enough for the candidates.

Who will call from the company for Telephonic Interview?

     Usually the persons in position of HR Manager or Human Resource Manager , Associate HR Manager or Associate Human Resource Manager calls to the candidates.  They are usually called as Callers.

Who will attend the Telephonic Interview?

     The candidates or professinals who have applied for the job will attend the Telephonic Interview call.

When they will Call?
     They usually call during their business hours.(9 am to 6 pm.  It varies from company to company) or they will call in your suggested time.  i.e. While applying for the job, you will be asked to give a comfortable time to call for Telephonic Interview.  So be careful in giving the appropriate time.

Preparation of the Professional or Candidate for the Telephonic Interview:-

      I want to tell you the preparation part in two ways:-
     1) Environmental Preparation.
     2) Personal Preparation.

Environmental Preparation:-

      Environmental Preparation seems nothing to worry bigger.  It covers
1) Whether the phone connection is working good without any noise.
2) Whether the auditory level of phone, clarity, sound are good.
3) The room you are going to attend your interview is not with noise, echo etc.
4) Whether a comfortable chair is near to sit during the phone interview conversation,
5) A good paper, pen is near to the phone.
6) A copy of newly updated resume is near to the table.
7) A printout of company details (may be from the web site)
8) A printout of details about previous employer or company.
9) A printout of job description for which you have applied.

Personal Preparation:-
1) Ready before the interview.  i.e. You may suggested a stipulated time to call to you while applying for that particular job.  So be calm before the interview.
2) Prepare everything from your resume, since the interviewer from another end will have your copy of resume only.  So if you answer well on your resume, it creates a good impression.
3) Be a good listener:-  Since while starting the interview conversation, the interviewer may introduce to you by giving their name.  Be an active listener in hearing those names, since after that you wont be in a situation to ask his name another time.(Also this shows to the interviewer that you are good in listening)
4) If you are going to the technical backgrounds, be thorough with your technical stuff. 
Also have a broad knowlege about vision, mission of the company you are going to join. 

Two important things for a Telephonic Interview:-
1) Never blame your ex-employer for leaving that job.
2) Dont ask about your benefits, ease in the new company.

1) Never blame your ex-employer for leaving that job:- 
     The interviewer may trigger some common questions during the interview session such as
Why are you leaving the last job?
Tel the things which you dont like in the previous job?
If  you blame your ex-employer at these situations they assess you that you are having negative attitude.

2) Dont ask about your benefits, ease in the new company.

     This shows that you are going to join in their company only for their pay & perks and also for the benefits. 
Your answer for this question should be your individual development oriented.  That is, if you are fromt technical background, then you may reply that i want to join in this company, since this technology is in this.  Like that.  All the best.


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