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Group Discussion Topics at Service Selection Board for the year 2011

Friends, here i have collected some of the group discussion topics of Service Selection Board interviews for the year 2011.  Usually as we know two GD's are held at a stretch.One is about the current affairs in national or International. and the another one is about the common issue.  Here i list out some of the topics.  All the best
Lokpal bill is essential or notUS economy from AAA to AA+.Does decrease in US economy affects our national corporate s.Due to recession which job is best, Government job or corporate onesPirates at Sea and action against them by Navy, discuss about the solutions for this.Missile systems in our countryOur stand in LTTE & Srilanka issue.US role with pakistan after osama's death.Correct time to end up quota system in our nationDoes creamy layer affects the below poverty line people.No quota system in promotion exams at govenment sectors.ISRO and chandrayanBody donation awareness to the medical students.Joining of  our nation in UN Security council…

Knock Knees in Army

Knock Knees in Defense Selection  Medical Test or Army Medical Test

Knock Knees is a cause for rejection in the medical test for Armed forces.
First I will explain,
What is knock knees?
     Knock knees is the deformality of the knee bone in leg.  The scientific name for knock knees is "Genu Valgum".  i.e. While standing straight, the two knees should not touch each other.  If this touches each other mean, then the candidate is declared as having "Knock Knees".

i.e. basic about this is, two knees should not go away from each other of get much closer to each other.  
How they examine this in Medical board or Defence Medical Test:-
     Usually the knock knee test is conducted by an Orthologist.  He conducts this check by examining the candidate while he is standing straight.  Also, if the doctor gets any doubt, they will conform this with a help of an X-ray.

Treatment for Knock Knees:-
There is no specific treatment for knock knees.  How ever there are some treatments su…

Service Selection Board Interview Practice Questions

Personal Interview Questions for Army

     Friends in this post I want to give you interview practice questions, this set of questions are common for all type of entries in all services such as Army, Navy and Airforce.  As I said in my earlier pages and posts, the questions formed in the personal interview are from your PIQ form only.  So here I gave a model PIQ form.  What you have to do is take a pen and paper and write the answers for these questions, then form the questions based on the PIQ which you have filled.
Here I have formed various set of questions based on each and individual question in PIQ-Personal Information Questionnaire.  Just practice these questions with your own answers. 
1)Name of the candidate:- What is the meaning for your name?Who named you like this?What is your nick name?Tel the other names related to same meaning of your name?

2) UPSC roll number of Service Selection board roll no.:- What is your UPSC roll number?  Are you sure with your answer?What is the ove…