Group Discussion Topics at Service Selection Board for the year 2011

Friends, here i have collected some of the group discussion topics of Service Selection Board interviews for the year 2011.  Usually as we know two GD's are held at a stretch.One is about the current affairs in national or International. and the another one is about the common issue.  Here i list out some of the topics.  All the best
  1. Lokpal bill is essential or not
  2. US economy from AAA to AA+.
  3. Does decrease in US economy affects our national corporate s.
  4. Due to recession which job is best, Government job or corporate ones
  5. Pirates at Sea and action against them by Navy, discuss about the solutions for this.
  6. Missile systems in our country
  7. Our stand in LTTE & Srilanka issue.
  8. US role with pakistan after osama's death.
  9. Correct time to end up quota system in our nation
  10. Does creamy layer affects the below poverty line people.
  11. No quota system in promotion exams at govenment sectors.
  12. ISRO and chandrayan
  13. Body donation awareness to the medical students.
  14. Joining of  our nation in UN Security council as a non permanent member
  15. Is good to declare funds to African countries even after knowing that country is still having below poverty link people.
  16. Building of Naval war ships to country by self.
  17. Nation's 65th Independence day
  18. Conversion of salt water to drinking water.
  19. Free supplements during election time is good or bad.
  20. Election commission in our country, discuss with examples for its efficiency


  1. Sir i am nikhil giri a candidate of ssc 39 tech men . I have my ssb on 22 july which i informed by message by them but i am not able to find my name in official website .what cn i do sir.plz rply me soon.

    1. msg means, if u have the call letter means, proceed with that


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