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How to convert CGPA/DGPA in filling SSB Online form for Indian Army?

How to convert CGPA/DGPA in filling Online form?

How to convert CGPA/DGPA in filling Online form?
Dont get confusion friends,
For the first column,
Semester I     = Marks Obtained = 950/ Total Marks = 1000
Semester II    = Marks Obtained = 850/ Total Marks = 1000
Semester III   = Marks Obtained = 750/ Total Marks = 1000
So the percentages are as follows,
 for I   st sem,  95%
      II  nd sem, 85%
      III rd sem, 75%
Like this we have to put for every semesters in the first column.  This is the normal percentage calculation.

For the second one, it is the cumulative percentage calculation.
What is cumulative percentage?
Cumulative percentage means, Increasing by successive addition.

For First semester marks,
II.marks obtained,
III.marks obtained/total marks*100

For Second semester marks 1st sem+total marks 2nd sem,
II.marks obtained 1st sem+marks obtained 2ndsem,
III.(marks obtained 1st sem+marks obtained 2ndsem)/ (total marks 1stsem+total marks 2nd sem)*100

For T…