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Dress Code of Interview for Men in Defense Interview, Fresher Interview, Corporate and Business Interviews

It is an ancient Tamil proverb that is “Aal Paathi Aaadai Paathi” which means dress 50% and human 50%.  A complete man equals {dress + human).  So what ever we are by intelligence, physique and all, it doesn't matter in the interview, our looks and attire only matters.  Since it only gives the final shape to our self.

Another example, we are the people who are using internet daily; in this internet we can see amazing web pages and attractive designs.  In this most of us are attracted towards the design and color of pages only and not on the business logic or some programming code running inside that web pages.  Like this, in the interview occasions, the look and attire of the candidate matters first then after this our knowledge and technical skill plays the role. To know about body language in interview CLICK HERE Here, I am going to describe about the dress code, etiquette for defense interviews, business interviews, corporate interviews and fresher interviews.
OK, let we enter int…