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How to find the Leader in a group?

Leader is the person who is chosen by the group members to lead while the managers are the persons who are nominated by the administration.
The person who is chosen by the group members to do a tough task.The person who is given respect during behind the screen talks.The person who gives smile to the sub ordinates, co-workers without any expectation from them.The person who takes every action in the group positively and try to execute it with full determination.The person who puts his team first rather than the self.The person who teaches to his team members about technical stuff or work related knowledge.The person who can be easily approached by the team members.The person who always motivates others.The person who always finds positive points from his group members.Gives creative ideas for future vision of the organization.Finds appropriate solution and explain the solution clearly to the group before the execution.Having the sense of humor to make the group move forward with smiles…

I have lost my online application? What should I do now?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Friends, now a days in our blog, we can see a very common question from our friends,  i.e. "I have lost my online application, I also received my call letter, now what should I do?"

Friends, this situation happens because of the following reasons,
i) No availability of printer machine with your computer.
ii) Else saving the filled form at the browsing center without taking printout.
iii) Losing the printout application etc.

NOTE:  If you dont have the printer in your system then please save the file at any folder then take the copy of that file through pen drive or mail it or make some alternate option to take printouts.

Friends, for this situation the best solution is call to the respective selection center regarding this.
If this fails means, download the common application form from Indian army site.
Then superscribe your roll number(online generated roll number) at the top of the application form.
Affix the photo in respective places and …

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The view of bribes in our nation by the youth

Every person of us might have seen this words before the Government offices or any organizations public relation section. i.e. "Dont give bribe"  or "If any body asks you bribe means please log a complain in this no.XXXX" like this.  We may seen this board  with dusts, while standing in a long queue with some hundred rupees of currency in the application which we are going to get sign by the officials.  At that time, we get our blood pressure to the top, later after the second of getting the sign.."usshhhhhhh".  The task is over, let we move to the next task. This is the status of most of the persons in our country.  

I dont want to blame some of the officials who is getting or the persons who is giving the bribe. Also, nothing will happen by blaming any sides in an issue.  As a good citizen of our nation, we have to find a solution for this.  Though, some of the issues we cannot find a instant solution which gives results in next few hours. The Bribe in o…

Compulsory Military Training (CMT) for our country

Friends, here i have planned  to give a practice environment to prepare group discussion in online.  Such that,
let me post the topics with some of the points.  You are also welcome to give your points in the comment section below of this post.  So that, day by day, the comments increases and the knowledge of the people who reads this also increases day by day which results in getting more points for our blog readers.  So guyz common. Hope all will give your support for this knowledge transfer.  jai hind

Compulsory Military Training(CMT)

The compulsory military training is about giving every youth of a nation in a certain age group, may be 18-25 to give physical training and basic weapon training.  This is called as compulsory military training. This is practiced in the nations such as Singapore and cuba.  While thinking about cuba, a small nation which is near the giant USA geographically, but still surving with upraised chest before them.  This is possible only through this CMT and …

Tips for the PPDT at Day 1

Friends, I have added the PPDT tips in flow chart representation to clear the PPDT - Picture Perception and Description Test on  day 1.  Many friends, struggle in this part.  Nothing to worry friends, just follow the steps and prove yourself.

Write a positive story, with a hero of same age and sex by noting down basic seven parameters of age, sex, character, mood (past, present and future)Narrate the story by looking at every members eye of the group with smiling face.During the group discussion, try to give 5 strong points supporting your story.Help the weak, give chance atleast once to the weak person in the group.Never and ever look at the officials.Dont argue with any one.Maintain proper body languageWalk with calm, smiling face with upraised shoulder and head held high.Success is yours. 

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