Compulsory Military Training (CMT) for our country

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Compulsory Military Training(CMT)

The compulsory military training is about giving every youth of a nation in a certain age group, may be 18-25 to give physical training and basic weapon training.  This is called as compulsory military training. This is practiced in the nations such as Singapore and cuba.  While thinking about cuba, a small nation which is near the giant USA geographically, but still surving with upraised chest before them.  This is possible only through this CMT and their hard work in the production of sugar. ("sugar bowl of the world").

The very important benefits of CMTare, through drill the youth gets self control, moral, intellect and idealism.
My example for this is, normally in class you can see the difference between a NCC student and a normal student.  Where the NCC student will take part in all the activities brightly and voluntarily when compared to the rest. This quality is acquired from where, through NCC only.  So if all the youth of our nation gets military training means, how the nation will be.  See the power of the youth and nations prosperity.

If this level of mass CMT camps is conducted throuth out the nation, it gives the opportunity of the individuals
to use the free time properly. Also this gives motive and desire to join the armed forces by which our internal security systems get more power.


  1. yes, I am absolutly in favour of CMT,CMT will make our younger genration more aware in evert sense and they will be fully aweware about benifits of good physical and mental health.It also become important in case of emgerncy,where younger genration will know what they are supposed to do.

  2. The following comment is by saurabh Tyagi through facebook,
    Saurabh Tyagi india is a very huge country with 1.2 billion people
    So the task of providing CMT to around 200 million people is enormously expensive and extremely difficult to execute given the amount of infrastructure it requires. So in layman's view these are the first barriers
    i will here continue with support to CMT
    We will have an amazing assest in the form of such a large population with basic military, population which can come ahead to help the nation in time of need, population which have sound morals and ethics, population which is responsible towards society and is always eager to help society and nation to grow, this population can effectively tackle social problems like corruption, ignorance etc
    So it would be very good idea to provide people with basic military training.
    in this democratic country I do not advocate to make it compulsory
    Rather it should be voluntary
    But to make sure large no. Of youth joins it we should motivate them to join this programme through effective advertisement and communication so that they understand how this can be beneficial for them.
    This way we will get only people who are genuinely interested and we can avoid excess burden of people who dont want to do this and this is relatively cost effective

  3. Girish Kalagond: Yes, the concept of providing the military training to youth is applaudable one. But if we think the other side of it the question arises about its necessity?? India's strengh lies in its democracy. If we put on compulsory like programs then what will be the value for democracy?? So it should not be made compulsory by imitating other nations as the geographical and social conditions of various nations will be different in nature. Volunteerly the youth should take independent decisions. We should highlight them the importance of physical and mental fitness in our life before putting any restrictions and persuade them to participate in such programs. Then only the democratic nation by retaining its reputation will become the SUPER POWER in future course.

  4. CMT is a good idea. I am in full support of the concept or rather the goal. For India being a democratic country of population 1.21 billion a system like compulsory military training is not that much productive in the sense of achieving the exact goal. As per my opinion we can achieve the same goal via making the current NCC facility better and make sure that each and every student in their school time get the NCC training. Make NCC training better and scientific which imparts the courage, moral, self-responsibility towards Nation and physically fit youth. By preparing this kind of system at one hand we will be successful in achieving the desired goal to make a better-aware population which will help in growth of the country as well as we will help our Armed Forces without putting extra pressure to them. One of the most important benefit of making this kind of system is that without having a drastic change in the present system we will be able to motivate more and more youth to join Armed Forces.

  5. I am also agree with the Girish.There should be a military training to the youths but it should not be compulsory.But they should motivate the youngsters to join it.the organisation who will provide this training to youths if they will be good in that obviously the other youths will also get fascinated and will join.We saw in various recruitment drives of army that more than half of the students are very weak in their physiques,they even couldn't complete two rounds of running during the drives.So definitely this training will keep the youngsters fit and healthy and will also help them if they are already looking for career in defence services.

  6. iam i full support of ]will make our youth fit mentally as well as we are the 2nd higher populated country our strongest resource is human resource .for making the bst out of it we got to implement cmt.but making it compulsory will question our it should be voluntarily rather than compulsory.
    but the necessity of being a patrt of this traing should be spread among the students from the loer class schoo level is also an great aid to our forces to survive the consequences of disaster both natural and man the military raining distingushes from ncc is that it also provide an opportunty for for the uneducated people to serve the country

  7. Hi friends,CMT is the part which each and every country should bring as a law.As i feel the basic step in the progress and development of a country is the health, basic education, mental soundness and CMT includes all these things.Apart from this CMT also can develop a thinking of patriotism in the youth.It also brings motivation in youth to serve for the nation as a soldier.Hence CMT is the right practice which every country should adopt.

  8. hello frinds u all are absolutely right and i m completely agree with all of you,no doubt military training is very important for each and every younger of our country but to make it compulsary is not a right decision,because according to me a younger who dnt wnt to take military training put a negative and bad influence nd company of such type of a younger also make others dishonest.
    the training is efficient for youth as it mnotivates youngers to leave all things like cigrette,drugs,prostitution,wine etc etc mns it turns all man in to gentlemans and as youth is the power of a nation and if a nation has a large nmbr of gentlemens filled with confdnce and power dn automatically that nation grow up and up continuously and rapidly

  9. Yes CMT is very useful to giving to the youth college students because its help in the fitness level of the youth and ready to tackle any physical problem.CMT can helping the youth move towards joining the armed forces and motivating them.CMT also can helping the nation when the nation is having war with enemy country. CMTare is playing role as reserve for the nation.


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