How to find the Leader in a group?

Leader is the person who is chosen by the group members to lead while the managers are the persons who are nominated by the administration.
  • The person who is chosen by the group members to do a tough task.
  • The person who is given respect during behind the screen talks.
  • The person who gives smile to the sub ordinates, co-workers without any expectation from them.
  • The person who takes every action in the group positively and try to execute it with full determination.
  • The person who puts his team first rather than the self.
  • The person who teaches to his team members about technical stuff or work related knowledge.
  • The person who can be easily approached by the team members.
  • The person who always motivates others.
  • The person who always finds positive points from his group members.
  • Gives creative ideas for future vision of the organization.
  • Finds appropriate solution and explain the solution clearly to the group before the execution.
  • Having the sense of humor to make the group move forward with smiles.
  • The person who always walks through the path, in what he talked.  i.e. Responsibility to his own words.
If we note down these qualities, we can observe all the above in a good leader.


  1. A leader always lesions to the group members

  2. Hello Admin:

    I have a common doubt about the Short service commission!.
    If One person got admission to SSC Tech officer or SSC Teaching side in defense forces . Can he get the permanent commission?.
    Usually Can all SSC technical side officers get permanent commission?

  3. dear manoj
    i think if u once opted for SSC and later if u want to go for permanent commission it is fully depended on ur service record and the no of vacancy


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