The view of bribes in our nation by the youth

Every person of us might have seen this words before the Government offices or any organizations public relation section. i.e. "Dont give bribe"  or "If any body asks you bribe means please log a complain in this no.XXXX" like this.  We may seen this board  with dusts, while standing in a long queue with some hundred rupees of currency in the application which we are going to get sign by the officials.  At that time, we get our blood pressure to the top, later after the second of getting the sign.."usshhhhhhh".  The task is over, let we move to the next task. This is the status of most of the persons in our country.  

I dont want to blame some of the officials who is getting or the persons who is giving the bribe. Also, nothing will happen by blaming any sides in an issue.  As a good citizen of our nation, we have to find a solution for this.  Though, some of the issues we cannot find a instant solution which gives results in next few hours. The Bribe in our nation is like carcinogenic which has deeply built its concrete base in most of the individual. So, it may take a long time to give the result, but I assure by that time our nation will be the most powerful
nation in the world.

So, now your questions are, What should I do to stop the bribe?, 
Is it possible to stop the bribe by a single individual?
If, I try this and any problem comes for me means, who will tackle?
yes, i have the answer for all your questions, here it follows

What should I do to stop the bribe?
Dont give bribe, then your sub question is , then how can achieve my work at Government Office? right,
One thing we have to note friends, if we are perfect at our documents, timings and all.  Most of the officials wont ask and the rest will hesitate to ask.  
The thing we are doing, is late submission of documents, not maintaing the time, not having enough
acknowledgements for our submissions, not following up the applications etc.  So, if we correct these as a citizen
day by day, they will stop their bribes.  

Is it possible to stop the bribe by a single individual?
Why not, you do it, cultivate it to your family members, especially for the growing childrens.   Give a lecture
about this to your group of friends at office lunch times, or tea parties or any get togethers.  One day it will
results good.

If, I try this and any problem comes for me means, who will tackle?
What problem will come if you are true to you ???? I am raising this question, let you answer please.  
If we are perfect and true with our data and documents, no issues will arise friends.

I am proud to say, that i didnt gave bribe in any Government offices till now.  During my college admission, i was supposed to submit my community certificate by card, in which it was already in paper.  So to get this, i went to the respective office and stand before the counter opens for the application.  i did everything perfect, like filling an 
application for the job. (Note:- We give atmost care to fill the job application :) ). Though, the officials
tried to get bribe with their sub-ordinates and told some un valued replies.  I was perfect with my documents and i got it in correct time.  :). So it happend correctly and legally right, without no bribes.

When we see all of these things, one common thing to develop if the "Individual morality".  Let, it happens and the
nation will progress. This is the real victory guyz.  So Common and try the level best for our nation.

Friends, share your valuable points by giving it in the comment section below :)


  1. Bribery, as a problem, runs in the blood of India now. So u shouldn't expect a "one day" solution for it. Like we say "charity begins at home".Hence first person to change the attitude towards bribery is u and then tell others. I am sure people will follow because every one is fed of this "SHAGUN" system.Look oneday or other you will have to face a situation where you have two option 1. give bribe and get your job done easily 2. prepare your self to withstand all possible rules and regulation which can hamper/delay your work. It is u who has to decide which way to go. And for the god sake don't blame the officials and government because it is we who makes the system not they.

  2. As a youth it should be our foremost resposibility not to be on either bribe giving or bribe receiving side.

  3. @niket, could you explain the "SHAGUN" system brother...

    1. @vignesh:
      whenever u have some work through government official, say police verification(for passport etc) even if u have all the correct and required documents, they will ask u for "shagun"(money) to prepare a good report. And unfortunately most of us give the "shagun". that's what reality is.

  4. yeah i fully agree that in the current scenario of the country it is very difficult to fight corruption .
    But i strongly feel that by supporting ANNA and his team we can really fight this issue.
    If the JANLOKPAL BILL is passed then it will be a great victory against corruption and it will definitely reduce the corruption.

  5. helo gentleman i am agree with your views that it is not a single day work. it can only be stop bu an individual morality and awareness. i think goverment should take a initiative to stop bribing by starting a subject from early class. it tells and make aware to all about bribe and what is its affect on our system...

  6. Boss in some of the state govt jobs like Jail superintendent,tehsildar etc. if u dnt give bribe or u dnt have any jack den u ll nt b selected in the final list. so after becoming that officer dnt u think dat u ll take back what u gave for dat job. so here taking bribery becomes the right. :)

    1. dear friend these are we who are making it their right if no body will give bribe then think what will happen,the prosess will be fair and after that no bad feeling will come.

  7. dear is SANDy.. i am agree with all of you.. but ever we think why a father take bribe who always teach his son that corruption is a virus and you have to prevent the country from this ;;
    the answer is price rise in basic things.. everyone want a government job but nobody want to send his children to a government school.. not even a government teacher who always claim that he give his best on his duty..
    so from my point of view government to control the price rise,, so that every body feel comfortable to buy his basic need things

  8. As a youth i strongly discourage the practice of taking and giving bribes.As a citizen of my country i have some rights given by the constitution,people are deployed at varios places and salaried by government then why should i give bribe to do my job and also why i will take bribe for doing somebody's official job.The basic thing is that everybody has to perform their duties and bribery will automatically demolish.

  9. dear vignesh nice post

    one more point i would like to add is that the practice of giving and taking bribe is prevailing in our society is not because of the corrupt people its because of the spineless people like us who doesnt dare to stand against it,,,,,

    most of us ready to join anna in his campaign but ready to give bribe to officials ,traffic police ,govt authorities for the sake of work done either against the rule ,or to skip the fine or to move ahead of others without facing competition (like in our education system)

    start saying no to bribery and be bold enough to face the challenges automatically time will change and the others also will stop asking fo it


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