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Passing out Parade at OTA-Officers Training Academy, Chennai on 17th March 2012

Going to the OTA:-
It was 17th March, 2012 warm summer early morning 4.00 am, I was rushing towards OTA-Officers Training Academy, Chennai to attend my friend's POP-Passing out Parade for his short service commission SSC(T)-36.  I went into the academy with his parents as the gate pass was with them only to enter into the parade ground.  The parade ground is so vast and the name of the ground was Major Parameshwaran ground. We got settled in a seat to view the parade and the parade was planned to start at 6.30 am in the morning.

Proud to be an Army Officer Parents:-
While waiting for the parade, I saw so many families with proud eyes to see their own son going to serve for our mother land.

Faces with proudness and smiles were seen. I saw so many officers in uniform and badges.  Its a different feel for a civilian to see the army officers in uniform.

Yes, that's the time 6.30 am, the  Major Parameshwaran block gate was opened and the gentlemen cadets marched towards the parade…

How to improve my Communication Skills?

Communication skills for the Interview and Personality development

I can't able to tell, What I am thinking?.  Even though, I know the answer, I cant able to deliver my point to the interviewer.  This is the major question/murmur from our country students.  As our country has different states with different languages, communication level is a major problem, especially while they are in a position to search for the job.
Especially this is a big challenge for the people who studied their schooling from the regional language mediums(Hindi medium, Tamil medium, Telugu medium, Malayalam medium, Kannada medium, Oriya medium, Bengali medium, Gujarati medium etc) and from the rural backgrounds i.e. even though they studied in English medium, they cant able to communicate well to others about their ideas.  Since, I am also one among you, who is not that much strong in English.
But, tried few methods through which I feel that I have improved in my communication graph.  So, I would like to…