How to improve my Communication Skills?

Communication skills for the Interview and Personality development

I can't able to tell, What I am thinking?.  Even though, I know the answer, I cant able to deliver my point to the interviewer.  This is the major question/murmur from our country students.  As our country has different states with different languages, communication level is a major problem, especially while they are in a position to search for the job.
Especially this is a big challenge for the people who studied their schooling from the regional language mediums(Hindi medium, Tamil medium, Telugu medium, Malayalam medium, Kannada medium, Oriya medium, Bengali medium, Gujarati medium etc) and from the rural backgrounds i.e. even though they studied in English medium, they cant able to communicate well to others about their ideas.  Since, I am also one among you, who is not that much strong in English.
But, tried few methods through which I feel that I have improved in my communication graph.  So, I would like to share the same to you friends( I know there are more mistakes in my English, so please apologize and be patient in your reading )

Importance of Communication
Communication is necessary in team building, knowledge transfer and effective social living.  Through communication only, we can able to share our ideas, feelings, thoughts, pains and etc to others.  So, it is a very important thing in one's life to become an active participant in the developing society and to get a job in his/her carrier.

Ok, now let we come to the point, what are the things which affects our communication skills?
I feel the following four are the things which affects the effective communication.
i) Conversation and Sentence formation.
ii) Lack of Vocabulary.
iii) Hesitation while speaking/Sentence formation.
iv) Social effects.

i)Conversation and Sentence formation:-
During communication, we may get this problem and this is the very important one.  i.e. let we take an example, while talking to your teacher or professor in English(conversation), you don't get "sentence or words" to talk i.e. you cant able to deliver your idea to your teacher properly.  This is due to two things i) Lack of vocabulary and ii) Hesitation while speaking/Sentence formation. which I will explain you broader in the next paragraph.  Though the conversation can be improved by a superb idea, i.e. Translation or dubbing.  (Guyz, believe through this I have improved far better in my communication level).

How to perform this Translation or dubbing?
Watch news channels at your regional language, try to translate those headlines to English by your heart.
Initially you may feel some what tough to do this, but day by day, your translation rate gets increaes rapidly.
Also, one more things is there, In the discovery channel we can see some programs such as Man vs Wild or any documentary subject programs, broadcasting in our regional language.  Just sit daily for one hour and translate that in English.  In this part, you may suffer from vocabulary deficiency(For this solution is given below, so start to read the post continuously friend).  By practicing this day by day you can see your improvement.

Using your own environment:
During our day to day activities, we may go to different places or watch others by sitting idle.  At these times, try to make sentences by your own about what others are doing in your front.  Friend, this sounds simple, but
results great. Talk to your friends.

ii) Lack of vocabulary(name of the words)
This is the very much important for a better communication.  Since, we can able to convey our thoughts to our
listener.  But to convey efficiently, this vocabulary building is important.  Example, take this two sentences,
"The duck shouts" and "The duck quacks" .  Out of these two which sounds better to read, I feel the second one is good.  The word we are using at the right place only matters.  So, to improve this vocabulary level, start to read magazines, news papers with a dictionary in your regional language(hindi to english, tamil to english etc).  While reading itself, we may come across different words by which you can build your vocabulary.

iii) Hesitation while speaking/ Am I speaking grammatically correct?
This is the third hurdle in the communication levels.  After following the above two, we get this difficulty i.e.
Whether we are speaking grammatically correct or not?.  This thinking is good, so that we can take our
communication to the next level.  Now, let we find, What type of hesitations we usually get during conversation?.
Example: Whether I have to use 'has' or 'have' at this sentece?.
Whether I have to use 'an' or 'a' before this word ? etc. Ok, let we come how to overcome these grammatical difficulty.
Just get english work books from standard 8 to 10.  Read the basic grammar such as articles, prepositions, tense formation etc.  Just have a basic idea, then day by day, your hesitation while speaking goes down and
your speed increases.  This prepration needs some patience and dedication.  But make you different from others.

iv) Social effects and Lack of chances to expose
This is also one of the reason for our lagging in the communication skills.  Since, we may be from rural background or the society of people who tease or used to kidding us when we try to speak.  This happen friends.  But never mind these small things, just try to educate and motivate the people who are critising and lead them with your ideas and skills.  Follow the above and I assure, that definitely you can improve your English communication skills.
Improving the Communication Skills
 All the best friends.


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