Passing out Parade at OTA-Officers Training Academy, Chennai on 17th March 2012

Going to the OTA:-
It was 17th March, 2012 warm summer early morning 4.00 am, I was rushing towards OTA-Officers Training Academy, Chennai to attend my friend's POP-Passing out Parade for his short service commission SSC(T)-36.  I went into the academy with his parents as the gate pass was with them only to enter into the parade ground.  The parade ground is so vast and the name of the ground was Major Parameshwaran ground. We got settled in a seat to view the parade and the parade was planned to start at 6.30 am in the morning.

Proud to be an Army Officer Parents:-
While waiting for the parade, I saw so many families with proud eyes to see their own son going to serve for our mother land.
OTA POP 2012

Faces with proudness and smiles were seen. I saw so many officers in uniform and badges.  Its a different feel for a civilian to see the army officers in uniform.
Major parameshwaran drill square

Gentlemen Cadets at POP
Yes, that's the time 6.30 am, the  Major Parameshwaran block gate was opened and the gentlemen cadets marched towards the parade ground and occupied the respective places.
OTA POP 17th March 2012 Video

 The parade was awesome and it went for nearly 1.30 hours.  The whole crowd didn't lose their attention and we were mesmerised with their performance. Every cadet was same and we cant able to distinguish them. +
A closer view of the parade, awesome

 The step by step, awesome, this is the Army, they showed their mental and physical power to us through their parade that "We are here, for your tomorrow".  Salute to you gentlemen.
17th March 2012, POP

During the while, the function organizers told the history of Army and OTA.  Also, awards were awarded to best cadets i.e. sword of honour and company(Different companies are there, like naushera, kohima etc).

Antim Pag - The final step:-
During the finishing time of parade, the cadet has to cross the final step called as "Antim Pag".While crossing this step, the flowers were showered from the Army Helicopters.
You can see this in view,

 i.e. After crossing this step, it is said that the gentleman cadet finishes his training successfully and he is an officer of the Army.
Going to Antim Pag

The Final Step"Antim Pag"

Dressing up uniforms based on their regiment:-
After crossing the "Antim Pag",  the gentlemen cadets rush up to their barracks to return with their regimental uniform.  In this duration, the visitors were requested to have their break fast.  It was yummy :) .
OTA Mess at a view:-
OTA Mess

Break Fast at OTA

Piping Ceremony:-
After the breakfast, we were waiting and my friend came with his regimental uniform.  It was awesome and now i felt that the "boy is transformed to gentlemen".  After this, his parents piped and his two stars were shining in his shoulders.  Now my friend is starting his glorious career in the Army as a lieutenant. After this, we took photos and he introduced his co-officers to us and the moments was so gracious.

Thanking to the instructors:-

Instructors are the person who is in the rank of JCO - Junior Commissioned Officers who trains the getlemen cadets from the begining of the training for Passing Out Parade drill.  So, the newly commissioned officers thank to the instructors by giving a momento and a salute.  Also, the instructors receive the same and give their salute.
OTA Instructors at a view:-
Instructors at OTA

Oath taking Ceremony:-
Oath Taking Army Officers

After this, the new officers sung the OTA song followed by the National anthem.  Then, they have to take oath to serve in the Army as an officer.

Final Celebrations:-
After all the ceremonies are over, then this is the time for the young officers to share and hug with each other to express their feeling and proud.  They took push ups and all other things to expose their happiness.  You can see that in this video,
Every moments were over, I greeted, congratulated my friend.  Then returned to my home with loads of happiness.  :) .I am so gifted to see this moments.   What is there in life more than this :), especially for a civilian of  our country.  Jai Jawan.  Jai Hind.


  1. good one ,buddy hoping that I would write it from a cadet prospective :) Jai Hind

  2. abhishek bhardwajMarch 24, 2012 at 8:14 AM

    heart touching
    i hope to experience the same in upcoming days:)



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