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How to give an effective speech or lecture?

Lecturing is a great art, if we look at the history we should accept one thing that most of the leaders who had great speech were accepted as good leaders by us.  So, the speaking skill is very much important to become a good leader in any field such as military, politics or education etc.

Lecture or Speaking capability is widely used in various selection methodologies.  Particulary it is used in the defense selection through out the world.  Because a good officer should lead his men.  To lead the men, he/she should be capable of delivering his views to the audience i.e. his troops clearly.  So this is conducted.  In our defense selection system also, it is used and the name of this is called as "Individual Lecturette".  This "Individual Lecturette" is conducted on the third or fourth day of the selection process.  The time given to prepare for this is 3 minutes and after this time, the candidate must deliver the speech before his group( i.e. 10-15 members).