How to give an effective speech or lecture?

Lecturing is a great art, if we look at the history we should accept one thing that most of the leaders who had great speech were accepted as good leaders by us.  So, the speaking skill is very much important to become a good leader in any field such as military, politics or education etc.

Lecture or Speaking capability is widely used in various selection methodologies.  Particulary it is used in the defense selection through out the world.  Because a good officer should lead his men.  To lead the men, he/she should be capable of delivering his views to the audience i.e. his troops clearly.  So this is conducted.  In our defense selection system also, it is used and the name of this is called as "Individual Lecturette".  This "Individual Lecturette" is conducted on the third or fourth day of the selection process.  The time given to prepare for this is 3 minutes and after this time, the candidate must deliver the speech before his group( i.e. 10-15 members).
Before this preparation, 3 - 5 topics are given to the candidate in a small piece of paper and the candidate has to choose any one topic and prepare it for 3 minutes.

5 topics -->Choose 1 from that-->Prepare that topic for 3 minutes-->Deliver lecture for 3 minute

All these are ok, now your question is, I cant able to get more points, or even if i have more points i struck in the middle , How to deliver my points effectively with out stammering?.  This is the common question from repeaters.

For all these questions, I have the below ideas as solution.

Total time --> 3 minutes i.e. 180 seconds

i) Introduction i.e. explanation of the topic --> 40 seconds
ii) Look at the main point from different person views --> 40 seconds
iii) Major issue in the main topic i.e. the problem --> 40 seconds
iv) Give practical solution to the problem --> 40 seconds
v) Thanking to all. --> 20 seconds

So totally, 40 + 40 + 40 + 40 + 20 = 180 seconds

Let me explain you the above five deeply,
i) Introduction i.e. explanation of the topic:-
Here we should explain the meaning of the topic.  How this name came etc. If the topic is some thing related to subject i.e. World War, Poverty etc.  Start by explaining any particular event in the world.  i.e. For povery take example of Ethiopia etc.

ii) Look at the main point from different person views:-
This is the point where we are going into the topic i.e. Analyse the topic from different person views.
For an example, Let we take the topic same "Poverty", look this from the view of a developing nation like our country, developed nation like U.S.A., then view of the United Nations.

iii) Major issue in the main point i.e. the problem:-
This is to show our OLQ's - Officer Like Qualities.  Take a hot or major issue in the given topic.

iv) Give practical solution for the problem:-
For the above issue, give practical, acceptable solution.  By finding the solution to an issue, your are nominating yourself as a leader.

v) Thanking all:-
This is the last part of the lecture, where we have to give thank to the group members who listened our lecture patiently and to the GTO.

How to execute these things?
Just keep the above five sequence in mind and in the three minute preparation, try to get rough points in your mind for every point out of these 5.  The last one is the thanking which is common, so no need to worry about that.  Just concentrate on the first four.  After getting these rough points, repeat once and be ready for your turn.  While the lecture, just summarize all your points as good, audible sentences then deliver it with smile and cheerfulness.

Beyond the above things, few important things to note down are as follows:-
i) Maintain proper body language
ii) Dont shake the legs and hands.
iii)Look at the eyes of the audience.
iv) Read your audience.
v) Usage of Data and statistics

i) Maintain proper body language:-
This is important as it speaks more than what you speak by your mouth.  Stand easy but straight.  It is not necessary to tie your hands behind your back.  But to avoid
unnecessary hand gestures, it is advised to tie your hand back.  Stand with upraised chest and shoulder.  As it gives a good confident look.

ii) Don't shake the legs and hands:-
Even while maintain the above body language, the candidtes used to shake their legs or make some rhythms using their toes.  Please avoid these.

iii)Look at the eyes of the audience:-
Just look at the eyes of the audience while delivering the speech, also dont fix your eye to one particular person.  So just roll your eyes from one person to another.

iv) Read your audience:-
If any boredom signals comes from your audience means, just try to change the way of speech.  For example, boredom signals mean, yawning, looking out of the lecture areas etc.
NOTE:-Guyz dont worry for this more, as if any candidate do this during the selection process, it will end up in negative for them.  So they also avoid the same, even though they get this.

v) Usage of Data and statistics:-
If you are clear with any data and statistics values then use it.  Else avoid using those values.  Since, if we use it wrongly, we by heart itself creates some doubts and it will end up in hesitation speech after that.  So just speak plainly, what you know.

Just follow the above friends, and try your level best in the lecture.  Go ahead!!!


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