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Faraaz Ahmad got recommended for 10+2 TES entry at 33 Service Selection Board Bhopal board.

Friends, Our blog reader "Faraaz Ahmad" got recommended and I am happy to share his experience as it helps lot of aspirants.I found info regarding ssb on internet. I esp. got benefitted by your articles and the experience of candidates. My stage 2 chest no. was 19. and yes I got recommended. I have attached a poc of the recommended candidates

My experience at 33 Service Selection Board Bhopal:
I had applied for 10+2 technical entry in the Navy, I recall in November last year. My reporting was on 30th of April, next day to AIEEE offline exam. 

I reached Bhopal on 30th at 8:00am, and was required to assemble outside the station near the parking lot at two pm. Meanwhile I waited in the waiting room where I met many others who had come for this too. I met Ravi there, who too was recommended from our batch, we became close friends from there itself. We didn't realise the time there and at about 1pm, the railway PA system announced that the candidates were to assemble to so and s…

Bakaraju Srinivasa Phani Krishna recommended for PC(Logistics), Navy 2012 July batch

Now he is sharing his experience hope it will help a lot for our aspirants.
I have been recommended for PC(Logistics), Navy and has certainly helped me in a way to prepare for the selection process and i could crack it the first time which gives me additional joy.  I would like to thank you for all your efforts, without any expectations for anyone. It is really very great of you.
The first day went well till the IQ assessment. Then we had PPDT where a very blurred picture was shown, i wrote a story and later we narrated the story, soon as every one(15) finished narrating the story, every one started giving points all at once, it was turning to a fish market, it took a second or two for me to adjust to the situation but later few guys and I tried to bring everyone to a common consensus, in the duration i let out my points as well, and it was hardly 2-3 minutes into the discussion, the GTO asked us to leave the hall, it is when i realized handling so many people is …

TA - Change in Travelling Allowance norms for Service Selection Board Selection Regarding

Friends, Recently the policy has been changed in the entitlement of travelling allowance.  Now the travelling allowances are given only based on the commission and not on the type of entry.

For example, In your 12th standard if you have appeared for NDA entry - Permanent Commission means, you cant able to get the travelling allowance for UES entry - Permanent commission.  You can get the travellilng allowance only for your SSC(T) - Short Service Commission Technical or any Short Service Commission Courses only.  So, you can travelling allowance only two times, first time for permanent commission and second time of short service commission.  This is implemented only recently during May 2012 only.  Source of information is SSC(T) - 39, Bhopal center dates of
NOTE:- So, have a perfect arrangements for money while going for selection.  

Experience at Bhopal by Saumya Pratik course:TGC 115

Dear friends,

I have been recommended for army in TGC 115 course from 22 Board Bhopal and I would be glad to share my success story with you. Before I go through my day to day schedule at selection processlet me tell you some important points that influence your recommendation, these are: Be yourself- Be truthfulAlways be confident, very confident! (this will take you all the way through)Always be positive (very important during your psychological assessment)Listen to the instructions given by officers very carefully (they often contain the solutions)You may have to stand in Q’s for hours, and you may have to skip a meal during evaluation procedure, never show anger and anguish on your face, remember it’s your never give up attitude that will take you all the way through.   Day1: We reached Bhopal station, and the first thing you would see is that there were more than 400 candidates, and while talking to them you may feel demotivated listening to their stories of countless pursuits and…