Bakaraju Srinivasa Phani Krishna recommended for PC(Logistics), Navy 2012 July batch

Now he is sharing his experience hope it will help a lot for our aspirants.
I have been recommended for PC(Logistics), Navy and has certainly helped me in a way to prepare for the selection process and i could crack it the first time which gives me additional joy.  I would like to thank you for all your efforts, without any expectations for anyone. It is really very great of you.

The first day went well till the IQ assessment. Then we had PPDT where a very blurred picture was shown, i wrote a story and later we narrated the story, soon as every one(15) finished narrating the story, every one started giving points all at once, it was turning to a fish market, it took a second or two for me to adjust to the situation but later few guys and I tried to bring everyone to a common consensus, in the duration i let out my points as well, and it was hardly 2-3 minutes into the discussion, the GTO asked us to leave the hall, it is when i realized handling so many people is really a very tough thing to do.

After the results were announced, i had spent some time to calm myself from the rush. The following days were real fun, as i enjoyed every evaluation.

Psychology was a very good experience, I could attempt all the questions.

I felt the pressure during the command task. I had solved the obstacle without much hardship, but then the GTO had some other plans, as he increased the difficulty level of the task for two times by asking me to assume the white patch to be blue so that i try using some other plan, likewise he increased the difficulty level, but I could complete the task.

Interview was really a nice experience as it was very casual, what I could get out of it was he wanted to know me completely In and Out. There were few moments where he asked me few questions which normally people would think are Out of Context, but are very meaningful.
He asked me how did you come to Coimbatore and how did you spend time in the train? did you talk to your fellow passengers? What did you discuss ? What do know about them?

There were few instances where he tried to distract me by his body language, but I did not let that effect my interview. I can say all the question in the interview were from the PIQ form and the resulting answers from the questions asked.

Conference was short for a minute or so, I was asked questions regarding stay, food and my experiences and learning from the stay for five days.

I made sure that I do not let my earlier performance effect my other assessments, and deliver my best.

4 were selected from 28 screened in out of 111 who attended.

Thanks & Regards,
B. Srinivasa Phani Krishna


  1. Congratulation Krishna for your achievement .
    My SSB is on 29/7/2012 in Bangalore . Can u tell me that whether you were using your spectacles during the 5 Days of your SSB interview .


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