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Preliminary Selection Board - PSB Exam Pattern for Assisstant Commandant in Coast Guard

Cracking the PSB for Coast Guard.
Hi friends, the Cost Guard Assistant Commandant post recruitment is followed by two steps,
1) Preliminary Selection Board at Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Noida
2) Final Selection Board at Coast Guard Selection Centre, Noida.

How the preliminary Selection is conducted ?.
Preliminary Check,
1) We should take two copies of our online applications with pasted recent passport size photographs duly signed by us.
2) Also, take two set of photo copies of all our original documents.
3) Take the original documents seprately.
If a candidate is claiming for relaxation based on Caste, then he/she should be ready to show their original caste certificate such as OBC, SC/ST at the preliminary check at coast guard centre.
After the preliminary check is over, we were given instructions and given batch numbers.

Exam hall:-
The candidates were requested to sit in a big auditorium having slide show facility.  Each candidate were given a writing pad and rough paper to w…

An eye opener for Word Association Test - WAT:-

Friends, As we all know the Day 2 Psychological Tests are the most important factor in determining our Officer Like Qualities.
In this, I am going to give you few lines on answering the WAT.  i.e. the second test in Psychology after the TAT - Thematic Appreciation Test.

In WAT, two type of words are given
1) Knowledge based.
2) Character based.
Knowledge based means, words such as Puzzle, Time, Light, Product etc.
Character based means, words such as anger, pretty, sad, demise, spoil, culture etc.
These include both positive and negative words.
In these two, our aim is to show the positive responses and to portrait our OLQ to both negative and postive words.

Aim of the Assessor:-  The aim of the assessor in the WAT is to check out our all Officer Like Qualities.  So in every responses for all our 60 questions, they are checking  your OLQ.

Now, how to prepare?.
In the knowledge based words, we can reply by our observational sentences.
Eg:-Missile - India is one of the major ICBM holder. So …