An eye opener for Word Association Test - WAT:-

Friends, As we all know the Day 2 Psychological Tests are the most important factor in determining our Officer Like Qualities.
In this, I am going to give you few lines on answering the WAT.  i.e. the second test in Psychology after the TAT - Thematic Appreciation Test.

In WAT, two type of words are given
1) Knowledge based.
2) Character based.
Knowledge based means, words such as Puzzle, Time, Light, Product etc.
Character based means, words such as anger, pretty, sad, demise, spoil, culture etc.
These include both positive and negative words.
In these two, our aim is to show the positive responses and to portrait our OLQ to both negative and postive words.

Aim of the Assessor:-  The aim of the assessor in the WAT is to check out our all Officer Like Qualities.  So in every responses for all our 60 questions, they are checking  your OLQ.

Now, how to prepare?.
In the knowledge based words, we can reply by our observational sentences.
Eg:- Missile - India is one of the major ICBM holder. So no problem in answering these type of words.
But while answering the character based words, We are showing our OLQ's mostly.  Also, the character based words are mostly negative words so the candidates feel tougher to answer those in that stipulated time i.e. 15 seconds.
So practice more with the given set of  words below and analyse yourself with OLQ list.  I assure you in few days you will get changes in your responses which also reflects in our normal life.

How the assessment is done:-
Let we take one of the OLQ, "Initiative".
We may get a word "Trip" - The recent trip organized by us to simla was so exciting.  This shows the assessor that you have involved in some arrangement/organizing like that.
So like this, have the list of OLQ in your hand, practice the words by writing more and more words.   Finally check your responses by matching with your OLQ list.
Note:- The assessment is done in many ways through the whole five day process, the aim of the assessors is to find our OLQ only.  So let we try to acquire those quality and show our self best to the board.
Never and ever try to assess or read the assessors of the board as they are legends in the field of psychology and all.  We cant able to assess them or read them, if we do so then we will lose our originality.  Let we do our part clearly and show our OLQ best to the board to get selected :)

Friends, this is the best way to practice yourself for the Psychological part.  The only thing to do well in these is practice.  No one can change our personality other than us. :)


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