Preliminary Selection Board - PSB Exam Pattern for Assisstant Commandant in Coast Guard

Cracking the PSB for Coast Guard.
Hi friends, the Cost Guard Assistant Commandant post recruitment is followed by two steps,
1) Preliminary Selection Board at Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Noida
2) Final Selection Board at Coast Guard Selection Centre, Noida.

How the preliminary Selection is conducted ?.
Preliminary Check,
1) We should take two copies of our online applications with pasted recent passport size photographs duly signed by us.
2) Also, take two set of photo copies of all our original documents.
3) Take the original documents seprately.
If a candidate is claiming for relaxation based on Caste, then he/she should be ready to show their original caste certificate such as OBC, SC/ST at the preliminary check at coast guard centre.
After the preliminary check is over, we were given instructions and given batch numbers.

Exam hall:-
The candidates were requested to sit in a big auditorium having slide show facility.  Each candidate were given a writing pad and rough paper to work out.  Then the official give instructions regarding the test.
Also, the candidates are allowed to mark the answers in blue or black ball point only.  No gel pens or fountain pens.
Note:- Use bigger tipped ball point as it is easy to mark the OMR sheet quickly.

Here, let me share the pattern for both preliminary selection and the final selection boards.

Preliminary Selection:-
The preliminary selection is conducted usually for two days.  The first day is the written test i.e. reasoning, followed by PPDT - Picture Perception and Description Test on the next day.
Note:- Every round is an elimination round i.e. Written test --> PPDT --> FSB - Final Selection Board

The syllabus for the reasoning is as follows:
Note:- Here, I am sharing the pattern followed in Preliminary Selection Board at Chennai.  It may vary on other boards.  Though mostly it will be same only.
Total sections = 6
The questions are from the following topics,
Section 1
Number series
Blood relationship
Section 2
Images clockwise and anti-clockwise with mirror images
Section 3
Section 4
Spelling mistakes
Forming words from a alphabet
Section 5
Alternative words
Random words
Section 6
Counting number of alphabets

Let we see in detail about each Sections,

Section 1:-
Totally they give 10 questions for this section.  The time limit for each question varies from 30 seconds to 1 minute.  So you should be fast in this.  Also, you have to note that the first 3 to 4 questions given were so hard i.e. it is not that much easy to solve those with in that time.  So friends never become panic of that, their intention is to build pressure with us.  The questions followed after that were so easy.  So keep yourself cool.  About blood relations, it is easy only.

Section 2:-
This is also easy but there was some twist in that.  They will confuse us by giving water image and mirror image in random, so keep yourself vigil through out this part.  Some of the questions were like this, an image is rotated 135 degree anti clockwise and give the imagined mirror image of that...  Like these only friends.

Section 3:-
In puzzles section, the questions were like, an image of an elephant is broken in to pieces.  We were shown the broken pieces only and we have to identity the real image of that picture.
Note:-  The image shown were animals only, so just try to find out the major parts.  Eg., Elephant means, by finding out the trunk, and tiger means, by seeing the striped larger surface etc.
Grammar part is so basic.  Just they check our tense formations.

Section 4:- 
Spelling mistakes, we have to find out some common mistkes which we are using daily.
Eg:- Grammer - The correct word is Grammar. Like this.
Forming words from a alphabet.  This was some what tough part though we should use our presence of mind in this to tackle this successfully.
Eg:- GENERATION - In this word, write the number of words can be formed by having starting letter as "R"
Options are:-
a) 8   b) 2   c)  12    d) 4
My choice of option is 2, since the words can be formed are RAT, RAN. So the option is "b".  But the fact is the time given for this question is only 15 seconds to 30 seconds so it is highly impossible to find the correct answer by solving in paper.  So just leave the higher values of options and look at the least ones so chose the best.  Also, the higher values are given to confuse us only:).  Got it friends.

Section 5:-
Alternative words, is just a usual one.  They will show a word as "Biscuit".
The options will be
a) Chocolate   b) Wood   c) Wafer  d) Cookies
The answer is d) Cookies.

Section 6:-
Counting number of alphabets.  This test is to find out our concentration.
A stretch of words are shown to us and we have to count the number of specfic word in that.
In the above series, find the number of "J" in that.  The answer is "6"
We should be so speed in this.

So the total duration of the test is around 40 minutes to 1 hour.  My advice is we should be sharp and speed to crack the preliminary written round.  Since, this written test is an elimination round.  The results were declared after 2 to 3 hours and the selected candidates were invited to attend the PPDT test by next day.

PPDT - Picture Perception and Description Test:-
Here, a blurred image is shown to the candidates for 30 seconds and the candidate have to write a story for this in 3-4 minutes.  In this the candidate have to note down basic seven parameters such as Age,  Sex, Character, Mood, Past, Present and Future.  To know more about this
Later after this test, the discussion i.e. the Group discussion were started by dividing the group into 10-15 members and they have to discuss about this image to conclude the best story.  This session will be like a fish market and you should keep yourself cool through out the process for sucess.  To know more about the behaviour for PPDT CLICK HERE
After this, the the candidates were short listed from this and they will get call from FSB - Final Selection Board at Noida.

Final Selection Board at Noida:-

This is a 4 day process.  The first day is the psychology, second and third day is the group task process with personal interview on any one day.The 4th day is the conference i.e. the result.  The candidates selected in this are directed to medical check up and then final merit list.
To know more about Day 1 Psychological process CLICK HERE
To know more about Day 2 and 3 of Group Task process CLICK HERE
To know more about Personal Interview CLICK HERE

Note:- The only difference between the normal Service Selection Board Process and this Coast Guard Final Selection Process is in Group Tasks.
Here, only Two Group Discussions, Group Planning Exercise and Individual Lecture are conducted.  So, there is no Progressive Group Tasks, Snake race etc.

Friends, these are upto my knowledge which I have collected.  I will update it if i get any thing more.
All the best friends!!!.  Roar the shores in Coast Guard.  


  1. are there individual obstacles too???

  2. Hi , it would be helpful if you can tell us how many questions are asked in each section. Thanks in advance.

  3. @Vignesh..Ols Tell me whether there is two test namely 1) Verbal 2) Non verbal and each has got an elemination. And also the difficulty level.

  4. vignesh in normal ssb 120 quest for intelligence i.e verbal and nonverbal reasoning....but in coast guard u mentioned that only 60 quest ..are u sure about this bro... only verbal questions ah


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