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Model SRT's by Ex. GTO of Shankar"s Academy, Salem, Tamil Nadu

1. You are in a NCC camp and standing on guard duty and suddenly you find dacoits approaching you.
You ….
2. You went on a picnic along with your friends. But the place selected by you is occupied by some other group. You …..
3. You are taking an exam. In the exam hall, while the invigilator is not looking, your dearest friend sitting next to you asks you to help her with a problem, lest she may fail in the exam. You ….
4.You are traveling from Delhi to Chennai. On the way you discover that you have lost your ticket as well as your purse. You …..
5. When you are in a crowded cinema hall, the hall catches fire. You ….
6. The friend whom you had helped him financially and also in studies had teamed up with your opponent in the college elections. You …..
7. During NCC camp, your batch of cadets declared a strike because of rude behavior of a senior Instructor. You …..
8.Two days before final of Tennis tournament, your mixed doubles partner was called home as her mother was seriously ill.…

Model Group Planning Exercise by Ex. GTO of Shankar's Academy, Salem

You are 8 College hostel students traveling in a jeep from City Mango to attend your room mate’s marriage at Vill Apple at 2000 hrs. You are stopped by a beautiful girl in teens with a request to help her punctured Scooty. She was in panic, which you found that she is the sister of the bride of the same marriage you are going to attend and her bride sister has just been kidnapped by her lover and she was following to catch them. At the same time, you hear from a boy that his house has been completely damaged by an aircraft crash with 150 passengers on board just now and he is rushing to info his father.  He also tells that he overheard near the Temple that 5 dacoits with guns were planning to loot your own marriage party. There is a BSF Bn in Vill Orange, but their jawans are away on night firing practice except 25 men with rifles doing sentry/allied duties. There is a hospital in Vill Banana with 5 beds only. The time now is – 1800 hrs.
To know more about this training institute CLI…

Our attitude only matters

I just want to share this friends, as some of our friends have this question after getting results at conference...

Usual feeling of  few friends after results,(this question is posted by one of our brothers)
Brother, tell me that approach system is still there in army, because from my group nobody get selected in the ssb except my friend who is a son of a colonel got selected and he is telling me to go for approach?

My view for this question is, Nothing like that brother.. Everything is our attitude. The reason for more selection of army officer childrens is they were brought up like that environment from their child hood. Eg. their schooling's are from Kendra Vidyala, they get chances during their growing stages for good education, sports, and more co and extra curricular activities which automatically build their Officer Like Qualities. Beyond this, they see their fathers who are already an officer which automatically gives them some inner abilities to tackle some situations. So…

How to become a Gentlemen?

Hi friends,
I would like to share few points which are establishing OLQ-Officer Like Qualities with in us.  Let me share this with you friends.  The below said things are so common for all of the individuals in our society so nothing to worry about this.  Though, we are dreaming to become an gentlemen and not a man, so I feel, we should follow these changes if needed to become finer and finest :) 

1) Avoid third party way of speech. 
Eg. Expressing a negative thought of self as said by someone or towards an organization.  
This can be avoided by giving things with smiling face.  This establishes social adjustment of us.  Through this we can win people day by day, our thoughts and speech are given much importance in the group.  Though if any of the individual approaching you with negative or blaming speech, avoid the same with smiling face.  It doesn't mean that we don't have the capability to give solution for that, we are lions to give the solution at right place and at right tim…