How to become a Gentlemen?

Hi friends,
I would like to share few points which are establishing OLQ-Officer Like Qualities with in us.  Let me share this with you friends.  The below said things are so common for all of the individuals in our society so nothing to worry about this.  Though, we are dreaming to become an gentlemen and not a man, so I feel, we should follow these changes if needed to become finer and finest :) 

1) Avoid third party way of speech. 
Eg. Expressing a negative thought of self as said by someone or towards an organization.  
This can be avoided by giving things with smiling face.  This establishes social adjustment of us.  Through this we can win people day by day, our thoughts and speech are given much importance in the group.  Though if any of the individual approaching you with negative or blaming speech, avoid the same with smiling face.  It doesn't mean that we don't have the capability to give solution for that, we are lions to give the solution at right place and at right time.  keep this in mind guys.

2) Taking the responsibility of group if any mistake is done by others and giving the credit to the group even though it is done by the self.  
This is one of the perfect leadership quality.  i.e standing in front of the group if issues arise and giving the group in front if credits arise.

3) Doing constructive things (hobbies) at free time.  
This sharps our mind and give innovative ideas in our regular professional life.  Through this, we don't have free time to sit idle and think.  If we keep ourself busy with multiple constructive works, our mind automatically starts to think positive.  So no time to think negative :)

4) Doing more self analysis and maintaining a chart to read our graph.  
In life everything is a measurement, so reading our self and mapping our performance is a superior act.  This gives self improvement.  Since, if we are able to analyse the self, then at a threshold level we can able to analyse the group.

5) We are the best, so no comparison with others.
We are the best soul to ourself and we should not compare us to others.  In fact no competition for you guyz, 
since you are the best in the world.  Just do self analysis and improve your skills.  This way of approach improves us day by day and also reduces competitive mind set.  The same is required in the armed forces as there is no competition while working in a group only group dynamics is expected.

Hope it is useful. Thanks for reading dears :)


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