Model SRT's by Ex. GTO of Shankar"s Academy, Salem, Tamil Nadu

1. You are in a NCC camp and standing on guard duty and suddenly you find dacoits approaching you.
You ….
2. You went on a picnic along with your friends. But the place selected by you is occupied by some other group. You …..
3. You are taking an exam. In the exam hall, while the invigilator is not looking, your dearest friend sitting next to you asks you to help her with a problem, lest she may fail in the exam. You ….
4.You are traveling from Delhi to Chennai. On the way you discover that you have lost your ticket as well as your purse. You …..
5. When you are in a crowded cinema hall, the hall catches fire. You ….
6. The friend whom you had helped him financially and also in studies had teamed up with your opponent in the college elections. You …..
7. During NCC camp, your batch of cadets declared a strike because of rude behavior of a senior Instructor. You …..
8.Two days before final of Tennis tournament, your mixed doubles partner was called home as her mother was seriously ill. You…..
9. You are going for a walk in the morning. You saw a boy drowning in the stream. You do not know swimming. You …
10. During floods in your village, you found that the people have moved away with their belongings leaving the animals behind. You …..

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Friends, give your responses below in the comment section!!!


  1. 1. Raise alarm,gather all cadets and get prepare for defence.
    2. Meet wid new group,introduce wid dem nd enjoy d picnic along wid dem.
    3. Help her wid problem nd later guide her to study hard n prepare in advance.
    4. Inform to family nd tell RPF nd TT abt d stolen purse.Later took help frm frnds nd relatives on reaching chennai.
    5. Switch off electric supply nd putoff fire wid xtinguisher and evacuate hall in disciplind manner.
    6. Enquire nd clarify misundetstanding wid frnd and contest the elections nd later win dat.
    7.Pacify cadets nd convince dem not to go to strike and discuss matter with senior officer.
    8. Continue practice nd after winning the finals go along wid him to see her mother.
    9. Raise alarm and save him wid rope,branch or piece of cloth and send sumone to call for help.
    10. Untie all the animals and along wid other villagers take them to higher place to save dem.

  2. @vignesh sir ... Plz reply nd rectiy mah mistakes if dere. ¡¡

    1. 1.Raised alarm, fought and overpowered dacoits along with the team.
      2.Referred map, found good spot nearby, enjoyed picnic with the friends
      3.Motivated her to give her best by own, helped her in studies to prepare in advance and she did well in next exams
      4.Lodged FIR to the nearest police station, continued journey.
      5.Pacified people, evacuated them, put-off fire along with the authority using fire extinguisher.
      6.Appreciated him, fought and won the election.
      7.Arranged a meeting between friends and senior instructor, sovled matter with alternate solution satisfying both.
      8.Took substitute, practiced to make coordination with him, played the match.
      9.Opened clothes, tied like rope, threw and pulled him out of stream.
      10.Moved animals to safer place along with the group of friends.

    2. 1. I will inform the head secirity first and then speak with the dacoits to know their problem

      2. If the other group is behaving nicely then we will share the place with them, else I will inform the concerned authorities regarding their action

      3. I will ask her to relax and try whatever she can. If she still forces me I will inform the invigilator

      4. I will register a complaint in the nearest police station, then I will call my friends to ge ttheir help

      5. I Will find out the nearest fire exist and assist others to exit through that way

      6. I will make him understand why we should not support the opponent team.

      7. I will ask the team to cancel the strike and register a complaint against the rude officer

      8. I will ask her to go home and take care of her mother

      9. I will shout for help and search for some things like stick or rope nearby to help him

      10. I will tell them that saving the animals is more important than saving our belongings.

  3. @vignesh sir....waitin for ur reply.

  4. 1.Blown the whistle's and tell another guard to switch on all the lights .

    2.We all have introduction with them, mingled in short time and have great fun together.

    3.will help her and tell her about the right approach to prepare for exams.

    4.Will call my father to lodge FIR and borrow the money from the person sitting next to me.

    5.with the help of guards will open all the emergency exits and use fire extinguishers after switching off all electric supply.

    6.give your best in election campaigns , wnn and the elections.

    7.Relax the cadets against strike and take the matter under CO's observation. will motivate your friend ,had practice with safe hand player and won the match.

    9.will break strong,long branch of tree and pull him out with .

    10.will untie them and will make move towards higher height area.

  5. @vignesh,
    Dear Vignesh,
    Go by your instinct. And you shall succeed, if you have it you.

  6. 1.alert my mates to take a better point where we can do a crossfire if possible
    2.we have to go to other place.
    3.that i cant help because i also too late to complete he know value of education and dont do a such thing again
    4.i try to manage from passengers because doing a report doesnt give me my purse and ticket.
    5.i alert all the person and stand near exit gate so the visitor dont seem overcrowded.
    6.i make a more strong party.
    7.i would clarify the matter between senior and junior.
    8.i will said him that to take care of his mother by other family member.
    9.many fit and professional comkes daily on morning walk.i call them.they are quick easy to get.
    10.untie them.they know swimming by birth


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