Our attitude only matters

I just want to share this friends, as some of our friends have this question after getting results at conference...

Usual feeling of  few friends after results,(this question is posted by one of our brothers)
Brother, tell me that approach system is still there in army, because from my group nobody get selected in the ssb except my friend who is a son of a colonel got selected and he is telling me to go for approach?

My view for this question is, Nothing like that brother.. Everything is our attitude. The reason for more selection of army officer childrens is they were brought up like that environment from their child hood. Eg. their schooling's are from Kendra Vidyala, they get chances during their growing stages for good education, sports, and more co and extra curricular activities which automatically build their Officer Like Qualities. Beyond this, they see their fathers who are already an officer which automatically gives them some inner abilities to tackle some situations. So the ratios of their selection is more comparatively.  Though all the officer sons are not gettng selected. i.e. they are lacking in OLQ.
Note, gentlemen clear in one thing, if a person who don't have enough olq and get selected means, even he cant finish their training at the academies... i.e. the truth.. :), believe in our selection system and give your best... Jai hind..
This is my view, though it differs from person to person. I don't know how many of you guys are supporting my view..  Thank you for reading this patiently.


  1. I want to add to VIGNESH sir's words with an example..
    One of my school senior whose father is a colonel and posted in bhopal as a medical officer at the SSB centre bhopal failed to get recommended thrice in bhopal itself. So my dear friends, don't give ears to such non-sense rumours. Have faith in the selection system, it's purely transparent,depends on one's performance. that's it.

  2. friends i also want 2 tell u something.... I have seen a navy jco's son getting selected while a son of captain rank(i.e equivalent to colonel rank in army.)not getting selected...so it only depends on olq and nothing else...

    nothing else is there ...by both side its olq's only..very transparent selection system

  4. vignesh sir... i heard army is going to recruit ppl with qualification of MBA... is tat true.. if yes means can u share abt it!

  5. Army is looking for the best persons and nothing short of it to lead its troops. It doesn't believe in recommendations from serving personnel and takes only deserving candidates. SSB centres are very fair in their conduct. Have faith in yourself and put in your best foot forward. All the very best.

  6. what you said is absolutely true. there is no partiallity in selection service board. Its purely depends on the individuals quality


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