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SRT Evaluation By Col. Bala Subramanian of Shankar's Academy

Friends, the following post contains a sequence of ten SRT's for day 2 of psychology.  You can write your responses and mail to to get evaluation and know your short comings in your OLQ.  Common friends, make use of this opportunity

1.You are the president of the reception committee of your College. A variety show and a dinner have been organized in your college. Many VIPs have been invited. You ….

2. You want to send your son to higher studies, but there is no hostel facility.  But the outside area is infected with characterless ladies and rowdies. You will…

How to improve your Officer Like Qualities?


Defense Service Officer aspirants going for Defense Selection are advised to re-check the following Officer Like Qualities as to whether they are inborn in you. If not, adopt /implement them instantly and see you emerge as a successful candidate. You should display an adventurous & bold temperament and willing to take reasonable risksYour conclusions should be based on logical reasoning, prove to be sound convincing Your approach should be always constructive, co-operative and result oriented You should be always positive & optimisticYou should adduce good and convincing reasons in support of your arguments and conclusionsYou should display commendable intelligence, imagination, ideas, tact persuasive ability and dynamic qualityYou should possess very strong drive & urge to seek new openings and accept additional responsibilitiesYou should be a resolute and imaginative and have the capacity to stand up to any challenges and put your resources to opti…

Group Planning Exercise Practice Sample by Colonel Balasubramanium, Ex. GTO of Shankar's Academy, Salem

Friends, Look at the below problem and mail your responses to  Your responses will be evaluated by Colonel Balasubramium of Shankar's Academy, Salem, TamilNadu.  

You are a party of 10 students including 2 girls from a Medical College of City Social, engaged in Tsunami Relief Operations in Village Bekaar. After Completion of job in that village at 1400 hrs, while you are moving to other villages, you are informed by a villager from Chor that his village is in a very precarious condition, but has been infected by hardcore criminals and they do not allow outsiders to enter their village and earlier even the police who dared to enter the village were brutally murdered.