Group Planning Exercise Practice Sample by Colonel Balasubramanium, Ex. GTO of Shankar's Academy, Salem

Friends, Look at the below problem and mail your responses to  Your responses will be evaluated by Colonel Balasubramium of Shankar's Academy, Salem, TamilNadu.  

You are a party of 10 students including 2 girls from a Medical College of City Social, engaged in Tsunami Relief Operations in Village Bekaar. After Completion of job in that village at 1400 hrs, while you are moving to other villages, you are informed by a villager from Chor that his village is in a very precarious condition, but has been infected by hardcore criminals and they do not allow outsiders to enter their village and earlier even the police who dared to enter the village were brutally murdered.
Simultaneously a boy fell on your feet and became unconscious after telling that his Village Sick has mass epidemic due to post-Tsunami waves and all relief assistance people have withdrawn from their task fearing their own lives. While you were discussing as to what to do, you found that your beautiful girl friends were missing, on enquiry it is learnt that the girls have been molested and kidnapped by 3 goondas of that village. In the meanwhile, one of your friend, while saving 2 seriously injured old ladies and an infant from the second floor of a building, lipped, fell down and fractured his leg. A boy also cries to save his pet dog trapped in his completely damaged house. You also learn that the school building in which 1000 ladies and children of Tsunami victims were accommodated, caught fire due to LPG cylinder burst, while you see a helicopter carrying relief materials crash landed in a nearby paddy field. You have a jeep which has been fully submerged in the Tsunami mud during the relief operation. The Police station has got plenty of police personnel, arms and ammunition. You have been ordered by the Principal to return to the Hostel latest by 1800 hrs.

Common friends, keep yourself sharp and give your responses to to get evaluation by Colonel Balasubramium of Shankar's Academy, Salem, TamilNadu.  


  1. assign 3students and 200 police to save to save burning building.provide medical assistance to friend who broke leg.assign 3 students and 10 police to save the girls assist them to village sick.then send 50 police and 2 students to chor village and assist villagers.send 2 students to helicoptor crash spot and save people there.

  2. asuming the distance from the village chor to the college hostel is around 15 kim includes pedestarian way
    time now 1400hrs which has been fully submerged in the Tsunami mud(help of bulls we will get it out)14:15
    2.became unconscious mass epidemic due to post-Tsunami (help him to regain his conciousness give him some water and eatables)14:30
    3.fearing their own lives(will encourage them for humanity and aware them in positive way, take their help and save as many as we can)14:45
    4.girlfrined missing(we will register lost report of a my girlfriend and move ahead)15:00
    5.fell down and fractured his leg(provide first aid and with the help of 2 girls will try to give him primary diagonise and will call the all emergency number in a mean while emergency reach there we will look for other injured ones. and also the team from the medical institute for support,)15:35 his pet dog(we will try to save and will search for other lives)15:45
    7.1000 ladies and children of Tsunami fire(get them out and suggest them a safest place)
    8.helicopter carrying relief materials crash landed in a nearby paddy field(look for injured and give them first add)16:10
    9.hardcore criminals(act like a local guys of chor village) will take the help of local guys ,will mix up with them and try to control the situation at one end then call police to coordinate at the other end and arrest them all.17:00
    1800 hrs.

  3. Problems:-
    1.Fire fighting , rescue , first aid to helicopter victims
    2.Fire Fighting, evacuation , first aid , hospitalisation of ladies 1000
    3. Leg fractured first aid and hospital
    4. Recovery of girl
    5. Epidemic control in vil sick
    6. Fighting gun and establishing rule in vil chor
    7. Rescue Pet
    8. Recovery of jeep
    9. Return to hostel

    Time 1400hrs
    Teams A, B, C, D

    1410 Recovery of jeep with help of locals.

    1430 Team a (1) reach police station , FIR girl missing, Gun in Chor Vil, arrangement of medical, rescue aid in Bekar vil, helping controlling epidemic in Sick. Dist 10km Time 30 min

    1420 Team B (4) 2 will go for helicopter problem with villagers and aid available in Bekar for T sunami, do fire fighting , rescue, first aid and shift casuality to city hosp in ambulance sent by team A. Same time 2 will do fire fighting in school building with motivated volunters of village, rescue, first aid and shifting along with leg injures after first aid to hosp with heli victims.

    1440 Team C (2) motivated aid going out , voluntiers to give medical aid along with aid sent by team A and controled epidemic Dist 15 km Cycle from vil Bekar

    1530 Team D motivated youngester of Chor made plan when polish arrived in mass with weapon assist them to caught Guns.

    1700 Rescue over by team B . Recovery of Girl with police and finding the Pet.

    Finally at 1730 assemble at city road and reach hostel at 1750 hrs Dist: 20 Km Time 20 min By Taxi.


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