How to improve your Officer Like Qualities?


Defense Service Officer aspirants going for Defense Selection are advised to re-check the following Officer Like Qualities as to whether they are inborn in you. If not, adopt /implement them instantly and see you emerge as a successful candidate.
  1. You should display an adventurous & bold temperament and willing to take reasonable risks
  2. Your conclusions should be based on logical reasoning, prove to be sound convincing 
  3. Your approach should be always constructive, co-operative and result oriented 
  4. You should be always positive & optimistic
  5. You should adduce good and convincing reasons in support of your arguments and conclusions
  6. You should display commendable intelligence, imagination, ideas, tact persuasive ability and dynamic quality
  7. You should possess very strong drive & urge to seek new openings and accept additional responsibilities
  8. You should be a resolute and imaginative and have the capacity to stand up to any challenges and put your resources to optimum use.
  9. You should possess bold and pragmatic approach
  10. You should present with reasonable eloquence force and with convictions
  11. You should possess with flexible and co-operative temperament
  12. You must have quick grasp and possess an active mind to understand a problem & in shortest possible time, solve it
  13. You should be fully conversant with current national and international affairs
  14. You must possess adequate capacity for organization and maintaining discipline among men
  15. You must organize and co-ordinate your available resources in such a methodical way that you can produce the best possible result
  16. You must cultivate the habit of fluent speech and be able to put across your ideas in appropriate correct and forceful language
  17. You should possess team spirit and work in co-operation
  18. You should possess enough determination and be able to put in sustained efforts for the achievement of your objective

This post is made by Lt Col P Balasubramanian (Retd) of Shankars Academy, Salem (Tamilnadu) - Near to Bangalore, Mysore and Coimbatore Selection Centres.  Ph: 09789491947, To know more about his Academy CLICK HERE, e-mail:


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