SRT Evaluation By Col. Bala Subramanian of Shankar's Academy

Friends, the following post contains a sequence of ten SRT's for day 2 of psychology.  You can write your responses and mail to to get evaluation and know your short comings in your OLQ.  Common friends, make use of this opportunity

1.You are the president of the reception committee of your College. A variety show and a dinner have been organized in your college. Many VIPs have been invited. You ….

2. You want to send your son to higher studies, but there is no hostel facility.  But the outside area is infected with characterless ladies and rowdies. You will…

3. You are the Officer Incharge maintaining the office funds and accounts.  Your Commanding Officer asks you for a loan of Rs 1 lakh from the office fund to meet his ailing wife’s urgent operation case. He assures that the amount will be returned within 3 days.  You....

4. You are going on a lonely road. Someone comes from behind and pushes you hard. You fall on your face. You will....

5. One day he goes to station for reservation for proceeding on urgent leave.  There is no reservation charge on free Defense ticket, but booking clerk demands Rs 200/-, lest he expresses no berth availability. He….

6. You had just done your B.Sc in 1st Division. You were desperately searching for a job to support your poor family. One of your friend needed help from you for coaching of his brother with tuition fee of Rs 1000/- pm . He …..

7. You are interviewing someone for a job. Suggest a question you would like to ask?...

8. You are one of the participants moving with a crowded procession on a narrow bridge. You hear “snake & snake”. You ….

9. He went on a tour with his friends for a coastal area, where suddenly a cyclone storm came and the situation became grave. He …..

10. His poor parents had educated him up to BA bearing lots of hardships. He keenly felt he must quickly get a job and help his family but was not getting any suitable job. He ….

Lt Col P Balasubramanian (Retd), Shankars SSB Academy, Salem (Tamilnadu) Ph: 09789491947.
To know more about his success stories click here

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