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Territorial Army 2013

For the persons who are worrying that "Oh my God, I missed the opportunity to join the army" now got a chance to join our Territorial army as an officer.  So try your chance to give your level best and lead the life.

Eligibility By Age: Male citizens of India or Ex-Service Officers in the age limit of 18-42 as on 15th January 2013.
By Education:  Should Completed any graduation/degree holder.

Note: - The persons who are applying for this entry should be gainfully employed to Central/State/Private/Self/Own a business.

Official Advertisement CLICK HERE
Application form to apply CLICK HERE

Procedure to apply,
For complete application procedure refer the Official Advertisement.  CLICK HERE
Note:- The application procedure (address to send) is different for normal civilians and ex-service persons. So have a note in this while applying.
Also, the address differs based on the zone(command) you are.

Last date to apply, 15th January 2013.

Primaries of Leadership

Social (Intelligence + Adjustment) these two are the essentials which should be in the heart of a true leader.  Social Intelligence goes for reading the environment i.e. understanding the environment effectively and Social adjustment is giving the honor, welfare of the country, your team comes first than the self.  What ever, it may be in military or civil life.  With these two only, they execute the work from the team mates.  In this execution the work is not forced to the sub-ordinates to do, rather it is loved by the sub-ordinates for its execution and real success.