Primaries of Leadership

Social (Intelligence + Adjustment) these two are the essentials which should be in the heart of a true leader.  Social Intelligence goes for reading the environment i.e. understanding the environment effectively and Social adjustment is giving the honor, welfare of the country, your team comes first than the self.  What ever, it may be in military or civil life.  With these two only, they execute the work from the team mates.  In this execution the work is not forced to the sub-ordinates to do, rather it is loved by the sub-ordinates for its execution and real success.

Leadership get fulfils by the skill of Convincing (Power of Expression).  They should be able to express their views clearly so that even the weakest member of the group should able to grasp his views in the first call itself to make the execution best.
So let we check ourself whether we are analysing our Social environment, team and leaving the comfort of self for others? and Can we able to convince our points for the welfare of others in our group?
The above two are the important Officer Like Qualities which are expected in the defense selections.
Let we check ourself friends and let we grow grow grow to become the strongest pillars for our Mother India.


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