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Friends, this post consists of general and most repeated queries of aspirants related to Online Application form, Call Letter, Procedures in SSB, Personal Interview, AFCAT, PABT, NDA/CDSE, Territorial Army and questions before going to academy.

Application Queries:-
1) I have completely filled my application and got a roll number , then i realised that i have filled one of my semester marks wrongly. so i tried to fill another application but i was not able to apply as it says using same name,mother name ,father name for filling.  What can i do now? Shall i send the wrongly filled application ...or there is another way on?
Ans: Better send the wrongly filled form and later we can change at the later stage of selection. Since, applying again may lead to duplication and cancellation of candidature.

2) I wrongly filled my college name, Can i able to modify it?
Ans: Sorry, its not possible in the online application form, later try after your recommendation.

3) Whether we have send all original along with online forms?
Ans: No. You have to send the attested photo copies of those.

4) If my college is not coming under AICTE, will my application is accepted?
Ans: Sorry, they wont accept your application.

5) I have entered my marks wrongly? How should I change it?
Ans: Sorry, don't do anything. Better, correct it later by showing your original marks at later stage of selection. Since, applying new application may result in duplication which may lead to rejection of ur candidature.

6) While applying the online form suddenly the power fails and I don’t know whether the form is
applied or not, what shall I do?
Ans: Dont worry, your form is completely applied only when the roll number is generated. If not, re apply the application, also check your mail whether you can any registration id or not.

7) I didn't send the filled online application form to the headquarters but I received the call letter?
What shall I do now?
Ans: No problem, take the online printout form and go ahead for the interview.

8)Does the attestation for our photo copies are necessary?
Ans: Yes it is necessary.

9) Can an engineering graduate can go in non technical entry ?
Ans: Yes he/she can go through by writing the CDSE exam of UPSC. But, a non engineering graduate cannot go through technical entry.  

10) While filling the CDSE application, can I choose OTA as first option and IMA as second option?
Ans: No, till now it is not allowed to choose permanent commission as second option and short service commission as first option.  

11) Is there any specific percentage required to join the army?
Ans: Yes recently they set 63% for technical entry. Though, it may vary on the individual notifications.

12) What will happen in the UES – University Entry Scheme preliminary selection?
Ans: Usually a GD or a written test of aptitude is conducted. It varies and we cant say it in conform.

13) Can I take SSB Interview in Hindi?
Ans: Yes but not at a full stretch, I mean you cant talk Hindi alone. If you get struck in English, you can talk in Hindi but you should come back to English as son as possible.

14) My English is so weak, so is it necessary to write in English?  
Ans: Yes it is necessary, though clear this doubt with the psychologist at your exam time. Since, he/she may permit you to write in Hindi.

15) Does taking UPSC admit card is necessary to take for SSB?
Ans: If you have then take that also. But, not necessary, call letter and original certificates are must.

16) Does the candidate going first time for the SSB has more chances of getting selected?
Ans: Nothing like that, out attitude only matters.

17) Will I get bedding on SSB?  
Ans: Yes, you will get blanket, mosquito netlon, and all

18) Will I get food for my stay at SSB?
Ans: Yes, don't worry about that.

19) My Original Certificate is in my PG college, Can I go ahead to SSB?
Ans: Then you have to get a bonafide from your PG college regarding this. Also, check the procedure with the selection center.

20) Going SSB many times affects the chance of getting recommended?
Ans: No, not like that.

21) What type of attitude is necessary for different entries?
Ans: One and only, Positive Attitude is required for all entries in armed forces.

22) Does all the candidates are shortlisted for SSB who are applying?
Ans: No, it is shortlisted based on the

23) What are the documents should I carry for SSB?
Ans: All the original academic proof/mark lists and call letter. Check your call letter for the complete list.

Call Letter Queries:-
1) I got a message in mobile from Selection Center but didn't get any call letter, What should I do now?
Ans: Call to the respective selection center and talk to them with your roll number(refer online application)

2) I have finished applying online? When can I expect by SSB date?
Ans: You will get within four months from date of commencement of the course.

3) Is it necessary to take the call letter to the selection centers?
Ans: Yes, its like the hall ticket for the examination. In case of late arrival or non arrival of call letters you can look at alter options.

5) In case, if you don't get the call letter, but website referred my name, roll number in the list of Indian army site? Then what should I do?
Ans: Request a call letter through mail by calling to the respective selection center, get the call letter and go ahead.

Queries about going to SSB?
1) Can I attend the interview, if I have current arrears?
Ans: Yes you can go but you should clear the papers before joining the academy. Also, make sure by making a call to the respective selection center.

2) I have only the provisional certificate, the degree certificate is not yet out, Shall I proceed to
Ans: Yes go ahead and seek permission that you can able to produce your original degree certificate before the starting of course at academy.

3) I have got my semester exams on the date of my SSB? Can I change the dates?
Ans: Yes, in your call letter itself they mention an absentee batch, though if it is not there means, you can
call to the respective selection center and request a date.

4) Is it possible to change the center of ssb?
Ans: Up-to my knowledge, no way to change the centers if and only if you are an local resident of that
selection center place.

5) Will I get blanket during winter at selection center?
Ans: Yes, all facilities are furnished by them.

Day 3,4 Queries:-
1) Does wearing a canvass mandatory? Or any white show is ok for GTO?
Ans: Yes to wear white canvass. But, if you wear any other white sport shoe means ok.

2) Is it necessary to wear a white dress in GTO?
Ans: Yes, white PT-Physical Training dress is mandatory.

Day 1 Queries:-
1) How many questions will be asked in verbal and non verbal?
Ans: Usually they give you 55 questions in 27 minutes in Allahabad board, while 60 questions and 30 minutes in Bangalore board. So it depends on the board only. But mostly one thing is common, they will give you 20-30 seconds for every question.

Personal Interview Queries:-

1) What is the dress code for the personal Interview?
Ans: click here to know the dress code for Men

2) How long the personal interview will exist?
Ans: Mostly between 20 minutes to 40 minutes. But, it depends on the situation.

AFCAT Application Queries:-
1) During AFCAT syllabus selection, I am unable to select the minimum of 8 subjects for me? Can I Apply?
Ans: Sorry you can't apply. As per the notification rules they require minimum of 8 mentioned subjects in the engineering.

2) If I am in final year of Engineering and I am going to apply AFCAT for UES-University Entry Scheme entry, but right now I didn't finished those 8 subjects but within engineering, I will finish.  Shall I apply?
Ans: Yes, you can apply.

3) How much % in 12th is necessary for applying AFCAT?
Ans: Hopefully it is 60 % is good, but there is no specification regarding this in recent notification. Though, it depends on the individual notifications.

4) Does EKT is removed and replaced by lecture in AFSB?
Ans: Upto my knowledge, yes.

PABT Queries:-  
1) If we couldn't clear the PABT, then what will happen?
Ans: You are given chance for technical and ground duty branches. And you cant apply for flying branch throughout the rest of the life.

2) Does training is required to attend PABT?
Ans: No need of special training, if we are good in our reflexes and mind, muscle(limb) co-ordination then we can easily clear this.

Coast Guard Queries:-
1) How much time they will take for PSB - Preliminary Selection and FSB - Final Selection of Indian Coast Guard?
Ans: Usually they take 1 month from the date of application for PSB and 3 months from the date of PSB for FSB.

2) Does the medical test for coast guard is same as other entry?
Ans: Yes, it is more similar to the medical test of navy

3) How the coast guard FSB-Final Selection Board differs from normal SSB?
Ans: The only difference between the normal Service Selection Board Process and this Coast Guard Final Selection Process is in Group Tasks. Here, only Two Group Discussions, Group Planning Exercise and Individual Lecture are conducted. So, there is no Progressive Group Tasks, Snake race etc.

Physical and academy preparation and profile queries:-
1) Doing push ups, pull ups and running is mandatory at SSB?
Ans: No, it is not required, only we have to do individual obstacle only. These are to be
required before joining the training academy.

2) If i get selected in Indian Defense as an commissioned officer i.e. after completing the
training, What will be my rank?
In Army --> lieutenant
In Navy --> Sub-lieutenant
In Air Force --> Pilot Officer

3) After the training from the academy and passing out, what type of responsibility an officer will
Ans: It is based on the company which they got. A person in technical entry may work in ordnance, it is not compulsory to work in signals. Also, in signals also it is not sure that they will work in technical wing. They are molded to work at any job, at any profile and at any where at any condition. That is an Indian Army Officer.  

3)Is there any fees for the training at the academies?  
Ans: No, nothing like that.  

4)What is the difference between permanent and short service commission?
Ans: Permanent commission is serving the in the army through out your retirement and short service commission means, service for a period of ten years which can be extended up to 4 more years. They have an option to change their career as permanent commission which is subject to availability.

CDSE/NDA Queries:-
1) I have cleared by CDSE exam but I didn’t received my call callter?
Ans:You will receive it within four months of the commencement of training.

2) What would be the cut off for NDA/AFCAT/CDSE?
Ans: It completely depends on the vacancies and number of applicants writing the exam. So there is not accurate information available in this regard.

Territorial Army Queries:-
1) I am getting low come only, can i apply for territorial army?
Ans: As per my knowledge Rs. 4000/- per month is enough to apply for this.

2) What is gainfully employed person are eligible for territorial army?
Ams: It mean you should work in a private/public/Government or should own a business and get sufficient amount of
money as salary every month.

3) Does Freshers eligible to apply for Territorial Army?
Ans: No sorry, not eligible.


  1. i have got call letter for ssb. but now i can't find the application form that i filled. what can i do? can i still attend the ssb?

  2. Hello sir i applied for indian army for TGC online form but it's showing duplication as i filled the form first time den also.So i filled again is my form will be accepted or rejected?

  3. Sir i dint get the print out of my online applied form and even I dint save that what can i do sir??? Shall I proceed for SSB interview without that?

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am Vasudev from tumkur.I am studying in 8th sem B.E(cse).I have appeared for AFCAT-FEB-2015 and cleared written test,and i have selected the AFSB mysore as SSB center and date on 10-AUG-2015.some friends telling that since i have choosen last date i.e in august,by then ssb have already choosen their reqiured candidates they are telling like that.So please clarify the doubt.I have selected that date so i can prepare better,So please give me the guidence to prepare well for SSB,and i dont want to join any coaching centre,since i cant afford the fees,i am in dielema to refer which ssb source or ssb web sites for preparation,please give the guidence.
    Thank you very much,

  5. hi, my height is 157cm and weight is 72kg will this be a problem during medical

  6. hi , i have not cleared the ekt cutoff in afcat exam still i got interview call what does it mean?

  7. I am receiving SSB call letter for past 2 years... but i cant able to attend due to my backlogs....
    Will thy allow backlogs students to attend ssb?

  8. marksheets of 2nd and fourth year is not yet released but i got provisional degree and the attested internet copies of both, is dat valid for ssb?, n attestation of other documents should be done from ?, there's nothing mentioned in the call letter and the instructions.


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