SSB Medical Queries and Answers

1) I am suffering from serious dental problem i.e. two of my tooth are removed recently, Can i apply
to defense forces?
Ans: Dont worry about all these, minimum 14 dental points is necessary. If you have less than this, then look forward for rectification. Else, never worry about this.

2) I capped one of my teeth recently, is this a rejection in medicals?
Ans: No, as i said earlier, they need 14 dental points only, if they feel it odd as capping, they will guide you to remove the whole.

3) Does, LASIK surgery is allowed for correcting visual standard in defense?
Ans: No, not allowed to do LASIK, i.e. Laser Treatment

4) I got cavity in one of my teeth? Will it cause rejection?
Ans: No

5) If a person has tattoos in his body? Is it cause a rejection?
Ans: Yes, but mostly it depends on the medical board.

6) I have undergone an appendicitis surgery before 2 months, will it cause a rejection?
Ans: Not all surgery will lead to rejection. There is certain time limits for every surgery,  for eg. in cause of appendicitis usually they expect 1 year or 6 month gap. So this wholly depends on the medical board.

7) I am over weight or under weight as per the medical standards?
Ans: Dont worry, 10 % + or - than the normal weight range is admissible. Though, in some cases
it is given temporary rejection where we will get sufficient time such as 45 days to reduce
or increase the weight and clear the medical before the final merit list.

8) Tell me the eye standard limit for all the three services?
Ans: For Army myopia should not be more than 2.5D and hypermetropia should not be more than 3.5 D including Astigmatism.  For Navy myopia should not be more than -0.75D and hypermetropia should not be more than 1.5 D. For Airforce myopia should not be more than 2.D and sph., manifest myopia.

9) Does fissure or piles is a rejection?
Ans: Yes, temporary rejection.

10) Can i lie or hide anything before the medical baord?
Ans: Please, dont try that as they are trained experts to detect everything from our body. So better
tell the truth and ask for remedy.

11) My right leg is one inch shorter than left, is it a rejection criteria?
Ans: The standards of the legs should be able to run fastly in all terrains including mountains. So, if your leg conditions satisfies this means ok only.

12) Skin diseases is a rejection in medical test?
Ans: No all the skin diseaes causes rejection, normal fungal infections such as ring worm etc are given temporary rejection and given 40 days of time to cure. But some conditions, which needs longer duration of treatment and which causes deformality of structure are given permanent rejection. Whole thing depends on the medical board only.

13) When i was in small age I had skin diseases and its totally cured, now i have the marks of that.
Ans: Dont worry, these issues wont cause a rejection.

14) Acne marks causes a problem?
Ans: No problem if it is not a serious condition.

15) I have hydrocele?
Ans: If it is in first degree or primary stage means it gives temporary rejection only.

16) I have hepatitis, Shall i hide that in medical?
Ans: Surely what ever diseases you have, they can easily find in blood screening. So just true to them. Also, yes it gives you rejection.

17) Will i get gap between medical test and joining at training academy?
Ans: Yes adequately 2 months and you will get 45 days of time to rectify your medical issues before joining the training.

18) I have a tattoo in my fore arm, is this a problem?
Ans: Friends, it depends on the medical board. Since they will take this situation in two conditions,
i.e. your tattoo should not cause any de formalities in your appearance.  Else, in case if you get temporary rejection, there should be any solutions to remove that tattoo as per the advice of the medical board.
So, it totally depends on the medical board you are appearing brother. All the best.

19) I have DNS problem? Will it cause a rejection?
Ans: DNS means Deviated Nasal Septem. Yes, it gives you temporary rejection, but can be cured soon.

20) Flat foot is a problem in medical?
Ans: Yes, since a soldier should be capable to run fastly. Though temporary rejection is given for this
and people are trying arch treatment. The rest depends on medical board only.

21) I have a surgical mark on my fore arm?
Ans: Not all surgical marks is a problem, but the thing which is cured by surgery should not
cause any discomfort during your service.

22) I have a problem of knock knee?
Ans: The knock knees are detected as it is said that knock knees affected people cant able to
walk fastly at the mountain terrains. So, it is given temporary rejection in medicals.

23) I am suffering from hyperthroidism?
Ans: Yes they give temporary rejection and give time to cure in 45 days.

24) Doeos vitiligo (White spots) cause an rejection?
Ans: Yes, if it goes more in the stipuated time of 45 days after temporary rejection. Else ok.

25) Does every knock knee and flat foot is a rejection?
Ans: No, it depends on the severity you have.

26) I am going to join training academy, but before one month I met with an accident and undergone a surgery? Can i still join the training?
Ans: Sorry no, but you can request them to allocate some other batch if you prove yourself medically fit
and the vacancy permits.

27) I have color blindness problem?
Ans: It depends on the entry which you are going. But in case of severity, it may lead to rejection.

28) When is the medical test held and medical test is for all the candidates who are coming to SSB?
Ans: No, medical test is only for the candidates who are recommended by board.
It is conducted after 5 days fo the process.

29) Does Sinus, surgery causes a problem?
Ans: No, if it is completely cured and this history should not cause any problem in training and service. So they verify it.

30)Does smoking causes rejection in medical test?
Ans: No it wont cause rejection, but to be a good and fit officer, it is better to avoid it and they too expect the same.  

31) I have hiperhidrosis, Will it cause a rejection in medicals? 
Ans: It is based on severity, since sweating in the body is usual to keep the skin moistured. But, when it goes more means we cant handle the objects or any things. So the doctors check for this in medical test.  

32) I am wearing spectacles? Can I serve the nation? 
Ans: Nothing to worry, just check your vision and check with the medical standard. Not all the person wearing spectacle are rejected.

32) Does the Temporary rejection in the medical affects the final merit list?
Ans: No it wont affect. The final merit list is prepared only after the temporary rejection time is over.  

33) Does having warts on the body affects medical examination?
Ans: Yes, they will give you the temporary rejection.


  1. I had cleared CDS-2(OTA)2012 written exam but I am having eyesight of -5.0(myopia). Am I eligible for the SSB Interview? I had applied only for OTA not for ARMY,NAVY,AIR FORCE.

  2. i have a 0.5D spects.. can it leads to a rejection in medical? if not can i go by wearing spects in medical or it will give negative impact? plz suggest me?

  3. Sir
    i have completed engineering graduation from i.t branch and i want to be join Indian please give suggestion and tips for ssb preparation. how to start the..please

  4. how to check whether we have flat foot or not? how to improve the arch level in between the foot and ground. any exercise or yoga is there? or any arch level improvement shoes or slippers are available?

  5. does squint in eyes cause rejection in medical ?

  6. Rspt sir,
    I want to ask you that if some one has missing a testicle out of two then is he qualified for ssb medical.

  7. I have injured mark that swallon those portion with smooth skin and my eyes get red due to extra skin is grows up on black ball of eyes is there cause of rejection of any medical test of force

  8. sir i have gynaecomastia will it cause rejection?

  9. i have a ligament injury.....and will undergo surgery...will it be result in rejection??

  10. Open bite are rejected in appeal medical board

  11. Open bite are rejected in appeal medical board

  12. Open bite are rejected in appeal medical board

  13. Sir, I had problem related to disc(slip disc/ buldge), recovering from it doing exercises. Will it be a reason for rejection. Any suggestions related to the same.

  14. Sir, i suffered from TB in intestine about two years ago but now i am alright. am I eligible for NDA?
    Recently, i have discovered small white patches on my body, perhaps of vitiligo, am i eligible for NDA?

  15. Hello Sir,

    I have a query and cant find its solution on net so if you could help me with that.
    The question is that I have braces in my teeth from last 1.5 yr and I will be soon appearing for SSB, so will it cause rejection by when I will be examined by medical board.
    please reply

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  17. Can acne pose a serious issue in selection?

  18. Sir is back ache (Back Disc Problem) a problem in the SSB medical!


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