Tips to write a impressive Self Description

1) Ask your friends, family(Parents), Teachers, Co-workers/Boss about you and or listen what they are thinking/saying
about you.
2) Write all the things in a plain paper and note down the positive and negative points.
3) Frame sentences by covering all the positive points about you.
4) In writing the paragraph about self, write all the achievements you have done after the 9th standard.  I mean
after the age of 14.
5) Also, note that while showing your negative qualities in the self description make sure that it doesnt
affect the officer like qualities in major.
6) If you dont find any negative qualities said by others means no problem.  Just leave it.  Be clear with your 
positive points said by others.
7) But be aware that some negative points should be included in the self description as it shows the clear analysis
of the self.  Since the world knows that "No one is perfect", so you should mention your negatives like the way
it shouldnt affect the OLQ and at the same time you should work on that to remove (The Selection Board expects this).
8) Else, If you dont have any negatives then you should be ready to face the interviewer that you had few negative qualities
and you worked this much to rectify that.  This history of negatives should also not affect the OLQ.


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