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Talk to yourself - A Sign of Self Development

What is your goal, Why you are here?
     Absolutely, your ultimate goal is to join our defense forces to become a successful officer.

So, Just analyse yourself as who you are? and about the things running in your heart?
To become an officer your should be a leader, so to become a successful leader then check yourself with Confidence

Optimism Eagerness Enthusiasm Hopefulness Determination.
A leaders inner voice always says “I want to!  I can do it!  I will do it! and finally hey guyz,
We did it” So, always be a leader.

My experience @12 SSB Bangalore .... By Mani for Navy

SSB....what to tell about it !!!! i got recommended in my first attempt for UES  Navy  ...So happy once again thanks to
And every time when i used to think of it only the thing that used to come into my mind was "SSB interview is very tough to get through and i cant make it out"...but friends ..who are all Indian armed forces aspirants i can tell you only one thing SSB is very easy for those who are really passionate about Indian armed forces ,only for those who are really passionate..but one thing you should follow is BE TRUE TO YOURSELF & DON'T HIDE OR LIE ANYTHING IN INTERVIEW.....   everybody on this earth are born for some reason and if that reason for your birth is to serve the country being in the armed forces you are going to get it for sure but don't get discouraged if u are conferenced out or screened for your passion ,find it out and work on it you can be a winner...this is what i learned from SSB 
Here i want to …