How to participate well in Group Discussion?

In this post i would like to tell the things about the insight of Group Discussion, about the mistakes of candidate and the expectations of the officials who is evaluating you during the discussion.

Have you read the above lines, Can you able to get what it says?
So, "What you are speaking matters and How you are speaking and How much you are 
speaking doesn't much matter".

Eg:-  Imagine a scenario where ten people are discussing about "Global Warming".
Here, every one tries to speak in the discussion and everyone's intention is to stop the global warming or to find the solution for that.  It is OK, but can you say is that will be a good discussion?
Since, discussion means everyone should discuss a common, healthy point.
Here, the person who is giving the healthy point is the leader.

Image this Scenario:-
Candidate 1:- The global warming is a great challenge to the developing nations.  We should work hard to prevent it.
Candidate 2:- Our government is doing various measures to prevent it.
Candidate 3:- I agree to both Candidate 2 & 3, I would like to add the solution for candidate 2 & 3 points.  i.e. We can move with solar energy by avoiding fossil fuels and also we can take a oath to avoid aerosol sprays, instead we can use natural aroma products which also increases revenue for khadi kraft or some government organisations.

Here, out of three who gave healthy point, I support candidate 3 only.  So, what the candidate 4,5 or 6
or the rest will do.  They will give their own point along with that they also accept and give more supportive points for Candidate 3.  So, by this Candidate 3's point becomes a solution for the given topic called as "Global Warming".  Note, here if rest of the candidates gives any strong points than Candidate 3, then Candidate 3 has to agree this (Group Dynamics) also Candidate 3 can strengthen his
point by adding extra sources.

Look gentlemen, the group discussion should be like this only and this is called as discussion.  The discussion should be a discussion.  It should not be an argument.  As, most of us want to make our point as superior then the discussion is masked as an argument.

So, in every discussion.  Keep the following things in mind.
1) I am the part of this group and I am responsible to find a good conclusion for
the topic which is given to us.
2) I should give a valid point to find the solution for the topic which we are discussing.
3) If any of my team mate gives a good point, I will accept and make my team to move in a healthy way of finding the solution.

This is the Group Discussion gentlemen and the GTO - Group Testing Officer also expects this from you.  He just analyse every candidate for their behaviour in the group and evaluates their OLQ - Officer Like Qualities for recommendation.  Since, GD is the first task of GTO at day 3, its the time for you to prove your worthiness in the group and to get the attention of the GTO.  So, to perform well in group tasks, what you should do? Just, involve yourself for the group objective and for your self recommendation.  If this frame of mind comes, automatically you are in.

The selection board of Indian Defense want a best leader and the best follower.
In fact, a disciplined ordinary person = best follower or best leader or (best follower + best leader).  Here, the disciplined ordinary person can able to do extraordinary tasks at extraordinary time.
Only a best follower can become a best leader.
If you have a good point, the team automatically follows you by accepting your point.  Here, you are the leader.
If your team mate has a good point than you, you accept it and you have to beautify that good point.  Here, you are the best follower.

If you criticize or give points just for name sake, then you don't come under the category of leader
or a follower.  Decide gentlemen, Everything is in your hand only.  So, nothing to worry about
Group Discussion.  All the best friends.


  1. Thank u very much Vignesh Sir.... :)

  2. hloo sir? i m glad to know that u r helping freshers . sir i have query related to physical fitness.
    1. sir i have fractured my left arm in an accident. i have undergone a surgrical operation. now im fit. plz tell me can marks of sticthes be a cause of rejection?


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