Recommendation in SSB at first attempt by Sandesh Chavan

Sandesh Chavan got recommended in his first attempt of SSB, He is a B.Com graduate from Mumbai.
Here, he is sharing his experience and guidelines for the aspirants.

“Good wishes to all aspiring candidates. I am Sandesh Chavan, Mumbai. I cleared SSB in this
April 2013, being my first attempt. Here I am sharing my experience. I would not describe you about the procedure at SSB, as it is well explained by Vignesh Sir. A lot of thanks to Vighnesh sir, because I had no information about SSB or rather entry in armed forces, he was the source of information for me.

They simply judge your attitude through three different angles- Psych., PI and GTO. Points to be noted:
1. Never Give Up, Come What May!
Not just in case of SSB but in any aspect of your life.

2. Win or Loose but never quit!
Try hard, put your sincere efforts, no matter you end up loosing it, but never quit.

3. For fake people it will be Next to Impossible to clear the SSB. Don’t try to be fake or lie in
any test. They are terrifically smart. So be what you are.

4. I have no background of sports, so those who do not have sports background- nothing to
worry about. They see how sincere and dedicated you are.

5. About taking coaching/ training- I would give a big “NO” to it. If you have taken any training
for SSB they expect you to perform as much better as is expected of a trained candidate as
compared to untrained candidate. This makes you at par with untrained candidate. In fact
those who have taken training are specially noticed by the GTO so they are under additional
pressure to perform better than the untrained candidate as they are familiar with the tasks
and situations. So I would suggest not to take any training for SSB because it will just waste
your time & money and will have no benefit to you, if it does not harm you. However there
is no harm in referring a Book on SSB.

6. All the tests in all the three aspects are independent from each other and each test has its
own independent weightage of score so, just because you could not do well in one of the
test does not mean that you are rejected and therefore there is no reason to loose hope.
Perform well in next tests.
In fact I would suggest to follow the “Switch On – Switch Off Technique”:
When you are going for a particular task/ exam: Switch Off- just forget your outside world,
whatsoever might have happened to you, howsoever bad time you are going through, just
forget it!
Switch On- just be in the task/ exam 100% from your mind, brain, heart & soul. There is just
you, your task and given time- nothing can stop you!

After the task/ Exam is over- switch off the exam Mode and switch on your actual life to chill
out with your friends in the SSB.
Do this thing for each task/ Exam.
Difficult to adopt but definitely worth doing!

So, I think after each task/ Exam one should strictly not discuss about his/ her performance
with other candidates, because if you could not do well in the task/ Exam you might loose
your confidence as your counterparts have done well. And if you did well your talks will have
same negative effect on your friends who could not do well. So it is in the mutual interest
not to discuss about the test which has happened. Better chill out and enjoy with them.

7. Last but not the least. You must enjoy each test, task, exam or interview. You need not take any test under unnecessary pressure. Especially in PI, officer will try to look you down some
what like Stress interview but you need to maintain you calm, your spirit. Keep a smile on
your face throughout interview.”

So gentlemen, you can also achieve your dream. All the best.


  1. Congrats Sandesh .....
    I hope you achieve greater heights in your future with this achievement as your motivation!!!!!


    1. Sathish Sir.....

      Discuses Your experience and guidelines for the encourage....



    2. Hi sandeash:
      I hope do well in ssb interview. But Am also look like u. Why i am told this means i am also fresher for ssb interview. If u don't mind give a more information about ssb interview. My mail id:


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