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Choosing the Story for PPDT Images on Screening Test of Day 1?

Friends, choosing the story for the PPDT - Picture Perception and Description Test is a big concern as it raises so many questions for the candidates.  Especially for the repeaters, as they have more number of pre built stories in their mind and they want to implement their best stories on the given picture.  But the fact is, this is not the expectation of the psychologist.

What is expected from the candidate on this scenario by the Psychologist?
     The psychologist expects the candidate should write a acceptable story as per the given picture.
The candidate should have the capability to perceive the basic parameters in the given picture.
The basic parameters are as age, gender, character and mood.  Though some cases are there, since
some pictures are completely hazy and some are partially hazy.
In the case of completely hazy picture the perception of each candidate changes while in the case of
partially hazy picture, most of the candidate perception matches.  So, if you want …

OODA Loop for Military Operations and Decision Making

Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act principles for Group Planning Exercise of Military Planning Exercise

Friends, here i want  to give you about the factors which are looked at you on the group planning exercise at your 3rd day of selection process.  This tasks clearly show cases your 15 officer like qualities to the GTO and dont worry about how to show case that to the GTO.  Just concentrate on what he says and follow the below steps to solve out the given problem/model at test.  Automatically, you will show your OLQ up to the maximum.

Lets start,
Guys basically all the mission oriented military operations are carried out by a principle called as OODA(Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act).  And in our selection, we get the same scenarios only. i.e. rescuing some one, stopping the thief from looting the temple, stopping the derailment, handling the accident etc.  Like this, you are given set of problems as missions and implement the below techniques (OODA) and you can easily find solutions f…