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Easy way to impress the GTO in Group Discussion

Group Discussion Techniques
Talk clearly by looking all the persons in group.  Choose a good point regarding the topic and give it in a complete sentence with pleasing face. (Don't worry as you cannot speak for a long).  Since, if you give a good point, automatically others start to talk about your point.Never try to speak for a long time or many times, as it results in lack of good point and you may be in a position to mis lead the group.Try to relate the topic given to you with the current affiars, as it boosts up the discussion.If two persons are arguing with each other, then dont join with them.  Instead, try to justify some one with your logical points and  smiling face.Always try to give new ideas at every time you speak, but remember that it should be relevant to the topic.Some people will always try to give some point and will hesitate to speak because of their soft voice or shy nature or others may dominate them.  Just grab one opportunity for them to speak. If you do so, …

Situation Reaction Test Online-Example 2

SRT Practice Question Example 2:-
You are the only son for your old parents and responsible for your elder sister marriage.  While studying in final year got selected for University Entry scheme of Army which is your dream.   Later you got selected in campus interview and you left that job and waited for army.  But, you got rejected in academy re-medicals. Parents are old and sisters marriage is rushing up, What you will do?Note:-Try to answer in three lines in crispy words. Give responses, which is possible to write in 30 seconds with pen and paper.
Answer:- Look at the end of the post, I have given my suggested response.  You can also give your response in the comment section.

The below are the some of the responses of our friends,

Tanuj Das:- Shall focus totally on sister's marriage and shall try again for armed forces along with giving interviews in private sector

Ramana Sippy:- I will look another job.....

Ragul Bhuvanesh:- I have confident my aim of army but sister marriage is wa…

Situation Reaction Test Online - Example 1

Situation Reaction Test for Day 2 Psychology Preparation As a college representative, you are given order to motivate students to attend the University Entry Scheme program for Army, you will...

Some of our friends responded like this, Ankit Kumar: Motivate them and provide maximum participation

Aditya Mishra: it's very good idea...many students want's to join army but they dont know proper will help them a lot...i will tell them all benefits as well as demerits..but i will tell them these demerits is d challenges which u have to clear

Agastay Singh: tell them coming opportunities and true mean of soldier life

Dinesh Kaundal: Tell them the benefits of joining army that it's best career option that provides everything you need..

My Response:- 1) Arrange a pep talk @ evening. Prepare motivational slides. 2) Give a strong motivational speech 3)Later help the students in form filling and interview preparation.

Friends, it will be good if v write responses in 3 lines crispy, it…

Online application for Male Engineering graduates in Navy for December 2013 Course in Technical, Sub-Marine and Executive Entries at Naval Academy, Kochi

Our Navy invites online application from un married male engineering graduates for the following branches,
1) Technical
2) Sub Marine and
3) Executive


Candidates with NCC 'C' certification will be given preference.Final year candidates and candidates who has completed their course with current arrears are not eligible to apply.Eligibility by Age:-

Serial No. Entry Type (Branch/Cadre) Age Limit Born Between 1 Technical Entry - General Service 19½  to 25 years 02 Jan 1989 to 01 Jul 1994 2 Submarine Specialization 19½  to 25 years 02 Jan 1989 to 01 Jul 1994 3 Executive - (GS)Hydro Care 19½  to 25 years 02 Jan 1989 to 01 Jul 1994

Eligibility by Education:- Serial No. Entry Type (Branch/Cadre) Entry Type (Branch/Cadre)
Engineering Branch