Easy way to impress the GTO in Group Discussion

Group Discussion Techniques
  1. Talk clearly by looking all the persons in group.  
  2. Choose a good point regarding the topic and give it in a complete sentence with pleasing face. (Don't worry as you cannot speak for a long).  Since, if you give a good point, automatically others start to talk about your point.
  3. Never try to speak for a long time or many times, as it results in lack of good point and you may be in a position to mis lead the group.
  4. Try to relate the topic given to you with the current affiars, as it boosts up the discussion.
  5. If two persons are arguing with each other, then dont join with them.  Instead, try to justify some one with your logical points and  smiling face.
  6. Always try to give new ideas at every time you speak, but remember that it should be relevant to the topic.
  7. Some people will always try to give some point and will hesitate to speak because of their soft voice or shy nature or others may dominate them.  Just grab one opportunity for them to speak. If you do so, automatically that person will agree to the points of you.
Note:- The point of mistake.

If every member of the group is talking about some particular point, then while your turn comes NEVER give a point which is completely different from the current speaking point of your group.  Instead, give your point relevant to the existing point and finish the sentence like, "along with this I would like to add some more".  It will be so nice, if you do so.  Since, already every one will be exhausted with the content they spoke and if you give a new dimension everyone will start to revolve around it.  That's it gentleman, you are the leader.

Beyond this, just keep smiling and give your points at least 4 to 5 times with good source of knowledge.  Surely you will score good marks.

  • Read news papers daily especially "science  & technology" columns etc.  You will have more points to speak.
  • To discuss about current affairs well, see the debate programs at National english news channels at 9 pm.

Thank you friends.


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