Situation Reaction Test Online - Example 1

Situation Reaction Test for Day 2 Psychology Preparation
As a college representative, you are given order to motivate students to attend the University Entry Scheme program for Army, you will...

Some of our friends responded like this,
Ankit Kumar: Motivate them and provide maximum participation

Aditya Mishra: it's very good idea...many students want's to join army but they dont know proper will help them a lot...i will tell them all benefits as well as demerits..but i will tell them these demerits is d challenges which u have to clear

Agastay Singh: tell them coming opportunities and true mean of soldier life

Dinesh Kaundal: Tell them the benefits of joining army that it's best career option that provides everything you need..

My Response:-
1) Arrange a pep talk @ evening. Prepare motivational slides.
2) Give a strong motivational speech
3)Later help the students in form filling and interview preparation.

Friends, it will be good if v write responses in 3 lines crispy, it should be what u ll do and how u ll do. If v write like this, automatically your OLQ which is hidden inside u ll come out.
1st sentence, organizing ability
2nd sentence, self confidence
3rd sentence, Social adjustment and dynamism

Friends, everyone of us having Officer Like Qualities, just take it out gentlemen.

Note:- Responses will vary from person to person.  There is no right or wrong response, it is based on suitability of the candidate for that particular job.
If any one has better responses, give it in comment section gentlemen.  Thank you

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