Situation Reaction Test Online-Example 2

SRT Practice Question Example 2:-
You are the only son for your old parents and responsible for your elder sister marriage.  While studying in final year got selected for University Entry scheme of Army which is your dream.   Later you got selected in campus interview and you left that job and waited for army.  But, you got rejected in academy re-medicals. Parents are old and sisters marriage is rushing up, What you will do?
Note:-Try to answer in three lines in crispy words. Give responses, which is possible to write in 30 seconds with pen and paper.
Answer:- Look at the end of the post, I have given my suggested response.  You can also give your response in the comment section.

The below are the some of the responses of our friends,

Tanuj Das:- Shall focus totally on sister's marriage and shall try again for armed forces along with giving interviews in private sector

Ramana Sippy:- I will look another job.....

Ragul Bhuvanesh:- I have confident my aim of army but sister marriage is wait so i attend temporary jobs to improve my fitness

Manish Sharma:- I will again get the previous job & start preparation for sister marriage beside this i try to get another good job..

Praharsh Srivastava:- First i will complete my responsibly of being a son n bro then will live fr my dreams n passion.

Smriti Sinha:- I'll try to get a job to support my sister's marriage..of course country is also our responsibility but family cums first not our dreams..

Rohit Mohite:- Country First !

Beena Bisht:- will go for more job interviews, and will select high package job.

Rajesh Paswan:- try 2 find a new job and help my family.

Karan Sachdev:- Will try to find a job asap but'll definitely keep trying for UES.....

Ravindra Pusam:- Find job to support sisters marriage but also try for army same time

Aditya Jain:- i will do the appropriate job till the marriage of sister after then try to army job

My suggested Response, 
1) Work hard to get a job asap for my engineering degree.
2) Put a loan to execute my sister marriage successfully.
3) Later try tgc, ssc entry of army to ful fil my dream.

Note:-Friends, try to give solution for the current problem based on priority.  Also, you should win in the aim given to you at any cost.


  1. I will try for a temporary job to complete my sister's marriage and then I fulfill my dream.


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