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Social graces and etiquette for SSB Interview

How to behave in the whole SSB interview and its selection process?

A positive body language is a window to balance and a matured personality. During the course of the SSB it is essential that you observe appropriate manners and social graces. Certain important tips in the regard are enumerated below :-

Maintain a friendly disposition and make a deliberate effort to interact with candidates in your group for PPDT discussion. In stage I PPDT there will be 15 to 17 candidates in a group, generally in ascending order.
Stand up and wish the assessors, who will brief you for the tests being conducted.
Listen to the briefing carefully and attentively and do not ask irrelevant questions and doubts.
Be smartly turned (dark trousers, plain light shirt with tie and polished shoes, blazers could be worn in winters.)  And march in smartly as you are ushered towards the site of where PPDT discussion will take place avoid wearing bangles, bracelets many rings chains etc. mild make and modest…

How to write the thematic apperception test?

Thematic appreciation test is important part of psychology and it reveals a lot about one’s personality.  This technique allows assessors to interpret stories with the nature of one by whom it is written. In TAT one writes stories by taking himself or herself somewhere inside the story which means hero of story. The main motive of test is to get to know about the qualities of candidate but in unconscious. It also
provides time constraint by which candidates become restricted to write their natural responses.

1. This test comprise of 12 pictures out of which 11 pictures are shown to you and 12 one is blank(it totally depends upon board that where they are going to keep blank one sometimes they keep it in between but generally it comes as last slides).

2. Time limit provided to for one story is 4 minutes. Story flashes for 30 seconds and then you will be provided with 3.30 minutes to write this story sometimes board provides 4 minutes to write.

3. In TAT there is no n…

Common errors committed by candidates at SSB

It has been observed that the candidate unknowingly commit certain avoidable errors during the course of their SSB. There are listed below:

General points

Reporting late for SSB and not being fully equipped for the SSB as per the list of items (clothing and other materials, given in the call up letter.Not carrying all the requisite documents, resulting in avoidable harassment.Displaying social adjustment problems by being critical or too demanding with respect to administrative back up like messing, accommodation etc.Being provided by selection centre.Demonstrations rude behaviour towards the administrative staff of selection centre.Not being appropriately dressed, unshaven or improper hair cut/headgear, wearing chappels etc.Indulging in improper conduct and getting involved in disciple related problem.Being not attentive during various briefings by assessors and later asking irrelevant doubts.During discussion of PPDT:- Not being attentive while others are reading their individual stor…

An Overview of Selection Process for an Officer in Indian Defense Forces

The selection procedure at SSB is based on highly scientific and well developed techniques; its aim is to access the personality traits of an individual in respect to his suitability for the defense forces. The SSB recommends the candidate as a potential officer material, who after rigorous training in the military academy and the working environment of unit, squadron or shipyard.  After getting trained under military academies candidate become groomed commissioned officer. The experience, maturity and familiarity with the service conditions, allows him/her to pay his service obligations with perfection and zeal. The ssb’s has designed different techniques different techniques to assess the same personal qualities of the candidate at his conscious, sub conscious and non-conscious levels.

These techniques are as listed below:
A. Interview technique
B. Group testing technique
C. Psychological technique

Keeping in mind this need, psychologist designed few scientific based psycholog…

How to perform well in PPDT of SSB?

PPDT - Picture Perception and Description Test

In PPDT candidates are shown with one picture on which we have to write one story. In screening importance of PPDT is 60%.

Write: In this we will write our story on sheet of paper where we have to mention few things.

1. No of characters: How many no of characters you have found in your story out of which one is hero.
2. Name: You have to specify name of your hero. Others can be named if required (usually we should avoid this)
3. Gender: Male or Female. M for male and F for female.
4. Age: Age of characters should be specified, like we can write 25+.
5 .Mood: Mood can be shown with signs like + (positive), - (negative), 0(neutral) Or it can also be considered as P(positive ), N (negative), 0 (neutral). This totally depends upon board that what mood representation they are going to choose. For this one should listen all instruction carefully. Psychologist make all instructions clear before conduction of test and also give one example story t…

How India should tackle China?

India China border relations Two countries India and china shares great lie in between them like we two are neither competitors nor rivals rather partners. It seems dictionary has altered meaning of these three words.No doubt bench of negotiations works up to some extent but recent provoking by china was unavoidable to which Delhi acted on lighter side. From Kashmir to Arunanchal UPA government has shown weak response towards provocations of china.We share border with china and across Himalayas we always try to establish smooth relations but still china always remain on dominant side.Problems are: Border problems: From last few months china has been involved in creating disturbances across LAC. In which once it forcefully help its forces in DBO (10km )in region of India for one week which was set after  flag off meeting. Breakage of surveillance cameras near border regions, not allowing Indian soldier to the patrol near border, provoking Indian soldiers or trying to get into Indian Terr…

Indo Russian Relationship

Indo Russian Trade and Defence Deal India and Russia has bilateral relations with each other.Both the countries have been trying fort last decade to strengthen their bilateral and multilateral engagements. Russia is again emerging as a reliable defence partner of India in the post cold war period.We both are the member of BRICS. It provided strategic relationship between the two countries as it aims to develop multilateral global order in place of USA and other west dominated countries.India has importance to her relations with Russia, which can be seen from the fact that it is one of the five countries, with whom it has made arrangements for regular annual summit.Russia has been consistent in her support to India’s claim for permanent membership in Security Council which is also called as VETO power.Russia’s encouraging India’s role in security architecture of central ASIA by supporting her member ship to Sanghai organization. The visit of Russian president Vladmir Putin to India mark…

NATO and its purpose

North Atlantic treaty organization is an inter governmental military alliance based Atlantic treaty organization which was signed in April 1949.

Main motive of organization is to constitute a system of collective defence whereby its member states agrees to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party.

• Present secretary general is ANDERS FOGH {Denmark}.
• Working LANGUAGE of NATO is English/French.
• Total countries: 28
Newest members: Albania and Crotia joined in 2009.
• Additional 22 countries participate in NATO peace processes and 15 countries in the dialogue programs.
• The lord ismay stated in 1949 {1st  NATO secretary general} our goal is “TO KEEP RUSSIANS OUT, GERMANS DOWN AND AMERICANS IN”

Combined military spending of NATO is 70 percent of world defence spending.


• Bosnia and Herzegovina intervention: This was took place after the breakup of yugosalavia .NATO air strike ended up this war.

Nuclear Capability of India

Nuclear Missiles of India
• Everybody across globe agree that new Delhi’s interest in nuclear capability is solely attached to
its peaceful beginning. Here energy demand is essential for survival and modernization.
• We wanted to produce inexpensive electricity. The initiative was the result of presence of great thorium reserves in our country.
• The energy demand was not fulfilled result to which BARC {Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Trombay was opened up and he was the pioneer for this initiative. It was based on peace process and for military purposes.
• India’s defeat in 1962 in Indo-china war shook our head and proved our un-preparedness (though failure was hidden behind many political reasons which are also called as nehruvian mistake.

• In 1964 China tested a nuclear weapon soon India became conscious over its nuclear capabilities and policies. Then soon china launched a satellite into orbit which proved its capabilities to launch nuclear weapons at distant targets. This gave str…

Transition overview in Middle East

Democratic transition in middle east

Middle east peace process is going is going under most difficult phases as from last two years they had no official meeting efforts made are going waste. It seems deadlock situation occurred.

With transition of Arab and its uprisings the emerging political order in the Middle East is marked by individual countries. Domestically the new actors are coming into role play.

The western powers should make new policies to counterpart the uprisings and respond these power shifts and new players because of vast energy resources. The whole agenda roams around oil which
forms the backbone of western countries as they are heavy industrialized countries.  

The oil influence the western countries towards eastern region of which it lies in its paramount importance for superpowers like France, Britain, USA and Soviet Union.

Before discovery of oil the region lies in the religious conflicts and wars over resources and lands.

How west influenced:
To maintain superio…

"Dont React, Please Respond" i.e., No superlatives or awarding the hero in Thematic Appreception Test

It is usual for the candidate to project the hero of the story as 'brightest student of class','bravest in the group', 'highly endurance in team','best jovial','more helpful' etc etc.  Friends, this clearly tells the psychologist that we are insisting the required officer like qualities by our self which proves it clearly as artificial.

So, how to show your OLQ to them ?

Just deploy yourself in the space of hero, create a possible problem based on the picture and try to solve out the problem with the resources available around you(Both visual and hidden).  Automatically, you will get your OLQ out and the psychologist easily catches it.

Here, i have given alternate words to show your OLQ and note these should come based on the situation of the story.

'brightest student of class' - Raju scored good marks in his class after his sustained efforts before the exam.'bravest in the group' - In spite of high water current, raju ju…

How to be positive in life?

We are all bounded by thoughts which are hitting us from all the directions.  We don't think about the thoughts which we are thinking unless we want to travel towards the goal of our life.  Because, to reach the goal of life the thought should be positive enough, as it gives internal energy from our self and external energy from universe.  If we are positive enough, automatically we will receive the thing which we need in life.

Below are the few points to follow to stay positive in life,

1) Exercise daily or play your favorite game until you sweat fully.  You should exhaust yourself up to your maximum point.
2) Controlling our self to talk negatively about persons in their presence/absence and if we can, try to talk by looking positive points about them.
3) Having good hobby which influences your mind and notice your day to day growth in that and it should make you to do that when you are free with no works.
4) Appreciating little things which is happening around you.

5) Wor…