An Overview of Selection Process for an Officer in Indian Defense Forces

The selection procedure at SSB is based on highly scientific and well developed techniques; its aim is to access the personality traits of an individual in respect to his suitability for the defense forces. The SSB recommends the candidate as a potential officer material, who after rigorous training in the military academy and the working environment of unit, squadron or shipyard.  After getting trained under military academies candidate become groomed commissioned officer. The experience, maturity and familiarity with the service conditions, allows him/her to pay his service obligations with perfection and zeal. The ssb’s has designed different techniques different techniques to assess the same personal qualities of the candidate at his conscious, sub conscious and non-conscious levels.

These techniques are as listed below:
A. Interview technique
B. Group testing technique
C. Psychological technique

Keeping in mind this need, psychologist designed few scientific based psychological tests with USA to assess the competent youths possessing OFFICER LIKE QUALITIES. With experience and regular feedback these tests have been updated and streamlined from time to time beyond doubt the present methods and techniques have been prefect through years of application, trial, error and the right job.

It is interesting to understand, that though the above three techniques and tools of assessments are independent in their application, these relate to the same of personal leadership qualities at a desirable level in a candidate. The requirement of applying the three techniques to a candidate is to provide three dimensional view of his personality .It may be compared to viewing an object from its three different sides, so that an overall true picture is available, when assessment of the three assessors is finally put together. Further, certain traits and qualities are more prominently observed through a particular technique, Eg, physical stamina, through GTO’s technique, as compared to other two techniques.

Hence, the grey areas of one technique are confirmed by inputs received from the other assessors by the inputs received from the other assessors during the final board conference.

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