"Dont React, Please Respond" i.e., No superlatives or awarding the hero in Thematic Appreception Test

It is usual for the candidate to project the hero of the story as 'brightest student of class','bravest in the group', 'highly endurance in team','best jovial','more helpful' etc etc.  Friends, this clearly tells the psychologist that we are insisting the required officer like qualities by our self which proves it clearly as artificial.

So, how to show your OLQ to them ?

Just deploy yourself in the space of hero, create a possible problem based on the picture and try to solve out the problem with the resources available around you(Both visual and hidden).  Automatically, you will get your OLQ out and the psychologist easily catches it.

Here, i have given alternate words to show your OLQ and note these should come based on the situation of the story.

  • 'brightest student of class' - Raju scored good marks in his class after his sustained efforts before the exam.
  • 'bravest in the group' - In spite of high water current, raju jumped first into the water from his group.
  • 'high endurance in team' - Raju continued his efforts till achieving the team objective.
  • 'best jovial' - In spite of critics to his new project, he kept himself cool and proved his thought logically.
  • 'more helpful' - Raju helped the maid son to pay his exam fees and helped him to study at evening hours.

Like this, the quality should not come from the words of us rather it should come from the action we are doing in story.  In simple, its like "Don't React, Please Respond"


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